Wow Bad News for Hillary Out of Nevada


hillary shock

The bad news just keeps coming. The State Department won’t say that more classified emails are going to come out. The FBI is investigating her email scandal while the State Department is looking into her Foundation donations when she served as secretary of state. It’s taking its toll. She can’t seem to beat an angry aged man who is an inch away from being a communist.

A new poll among Nevada caucus goers shows Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are tied in that state.  Nevada is evenly split between revolutionary Bernie Sanders and tainted candidate Hillary Clinton.

Hillary’s campaign likes to insinuate that Nevada is lily white but only 51% of Nevada voters are white. Hillary relies on black voters and about 35% of minorities are voters in the state but the split is 45% for Bernie and 45% for Clinton.

In any case, back youth are interested in Bernie and people are very concerned about her scandals and her not revealing foundation dealings to the government as required by law.

Hillary’s campaign has been playing down the Nevada race.

Hillary campaigns mostly among the delegates over voters and she has most of the delegates, 394 to 44, but if she loses Nevada and South Carolina, she’s in a heap of trouble.

Hillary leads in South Carolina but there are warning signs. She is falling behind in organization with only two offices opened up and she fails to excite blacks.

Clinton’s firewall with blacks is not what it was.

In addition to black youth, Sanders has gotten some high profile black communists behind him such as Professor Cornell West, Harry Belafonte, Chavez-friend Danny Glover, and Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Black communities are sold a bill of goods and think they need the Democrats but these communities aren’t in despair because of racism, they are in despair because of socialism and the values it purports.

David Brooks had an interesting take. He said Hillary is trying to create a narrative around Obama but she has no narrative, that’s Obama’s narrative.




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