WOW! Chris Matthews Says “Worst” You Can Say About Democrats is “They’re Too Pure”


Democrats have had a lock on sexually harassing women although they claim to be women’s rights activists. Almost all of Hollywood is left, very left and it’s a cesspool. There are few Republicans by comparison but what Democrats planned all along is to clean the slate, pretend they are purity itself, so they can condemn Roy Moore and Donald Trump in 2018.

They can’t win on policy issues or in an honest debate so they have to engage in personal attacks.

The President has been great for the economy but he won’t get credit. It was only last year that Barack Obama said Trump couldn’t bring manufacturing jobs back. He’s brought 400,000 back, unemployment is down, and the jobs numbers were great again this month at 228,000. His overseas trips have been a success but the left ruins all of them with attacks and fake news.

Loyal leftist soldier Chris Matthews weighed in on his show and promoted the cause. He said – remarkably – that “the worst thing you can say about Democrats is they’re too pure.”

He was serious.

The banishment of Al Franken is allegedly a good thing, according to Matthews, when in fact Democrats are making a sacrificial lamb out of him so they can claim the high road. Hopefully Americans won’t fall for this.

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