WOW! FBI Appears to Have Defrauded the Court in the Manafort Case


The FBI appears to have regularly ignored factual material and used planted newspaper articles as secondary sources, even when they knew the documents were probably fake. This was the FBI under Jim Comey and Andrew McCabe. If true, it’s especially ironic since they are so arrogant, self-righteous, and denigrating of others who they dislike.

A new exposé by John Solomon points to evidence that the investigation against Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s short-lived campaign manager, was based on evidence they knew was false.


If you’ll remember the dossier, used again and again as ‘evidence’ to get spy warrants and condemn Donald Trump, was fake. The FBI was told much or all of it was fake on several occasions before they secured spy warrants.

Solomon writes: At its best, the Steele dossier is an “unverified and salacious” political research memo funded by Trump’s Democratic rivals. At worst, it may be Russian disinformation worthy of the “garbage” label given it by esteemed reporter Bob Woodward.

Getting back to Paul Manafort, the document used to re-open a then-somewhat resolved criminal case against him was a “black cash ledger” supplied by Ukraine. It is the reason he was forced to resign as campaign manager.

It was used to secure search warrants on Manafort and his businesses, yet the FBI was warned several times it was probably fake.


Ukraine’s top anti-corruption prosecutor, Nazar Kholodnytsky, told John Solomon he warned the U.S. State Department’s law enforcement liaison and multiple FBI agents in late summer 2016 that Ukrainian authorities who recovered the ledger believed it likely was a fraud.

“It was not to be considered a document of Manafort. It was not authenticated. And at that time it should not be used in any way to bring accusations against anybody,” Kholodnytsky said, recalling what he told FBI agents.

Manafort’s Ukrainian business partner Konstantin Kilimnik, a regular informer for the State Department, told the government it was likely a fake.

There is no way Manafort could take large amounts of cash across borders. Everything was by wire.

The FBI knowingly using fake documents as evidence for the court violated FBI rules and can be criminal.


The FBI didn’t cite the ledger — they cited newspaper articles about the ledger, which is far worse, and in at least one case, they helped supply the information for the article!

They used it as probable cause for the investigation into Manafort and then appeared to have lied about ties to the ledger.

Liberal law professor Alan Dershowitz said FBI affidavits almost never cite news articles as evidence. “They are supposed to cite the primary evidence and not secondary evidence,” he said.

“It sounds to me like a fraud on the court, possibly a willful and deliberate fraud that should have consequences for both the court and the attorneys’ bar,” he added.

At this point, we should point out that there is strong evidence the dossier should have never sustained the Trump-Russia probe.

The FBI didn’t play by the rules for all their sanctimonious pontificating. It’s not fair, it’s not justice regardless of how anyone feels about the target.


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Night Fever
Night Fever
4 years ago

Yea when rogue agencies consider themselves above the law bad things happen.
Maybe we’ll have an SS state when the CPUSA gets back in the white house.
But who will be Heinrich Himmler? Maybe a female this time…AOC!

Don McCoy
Don McCoy
4 years ago

How the heck is THIS news? If you don’t know by now that the FBI is corrupt, after the coup, you must be a Democrat.

4 years ago

This all could be Much deeper than Manafort and Ukraine and possibly entail the US Government and the State Department under Victoria Nuland, along with McCain and Graham. The State Department with McCain and Graham were instrumental in overthrowing a duly elected Yanukovich Government. (This is also related to the Arab Spring). What arose in the aftermath was a neo-Nazi group that has continued the fighting in eastern Ukraine. Vice news has reported from the area in support of Kiev but what goes unmentioned is the uniforms with Nazi Swastikas and SS emblems on their uniforms. Nuland and her team were adamant not to have the leader of these groups in charge and maybe assumed they would be minimized. That turned out not to be the case and it is those groups that have bombarded the Donbass region. In one instance there was to be a concert in support of a referendum and was infiltrated by the neo-Nazis. The people took shelter in a Trade Union building which was set on fire and burned everyone inside to a crisp. They were unable to leave due to live fire preventing anyone from leaving the building. The videos are beyond disturbing and you can be assured NO U.S. media will show such images. Is THIS why the Government is so adamant in going after Manafort. Are they worried the slightest exposure will reveal all. This would be far more devastating than Wikileaks revealing the helicopter gunship attack.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Not unusual for Democrats using authoritarian agencies to criminalize their opponents, there is history going back tom Kennedy, LBJ, and Clinton, check out Mark Levin at the Blaze or his new book Unfreedom of the Press.