WOW! Hillary Actually Said This in a Tweet


Hillary Clinton used a personal email server although it is against all government regulations. She endangered national security to keep her emails from the public eye. The Inspector General’s report released today confirmed that her emails were accessed by foreign actors.

The failed presidential candidate also destroyed tens of thousands of emails and had the hard drives Bleach bitted and hammered into oblivion.

She even left her smartphone on a bed in a hotel in China. Let’s not forget how her maid downloaded data from her server or how she gave her lawyer her top-secret emails and documents. Finally, who can forget how Huma Abedin downloaded secret data to her husband’s, pervert Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Our national security data was right next to his porn.

With all of that and there is more, of course, she actually tweeted this:

She should be embarrassed but nothing seems to shame this woman.


  1. And this wench will get away with all of this corruption. The Clinton Crime Family will some day get their just desserts. Payback is a bitch.

  2. Losing devices is a convenient way to pass information, without a network trace, and apparently accidentally. It is suspicious that someone who is selling info, influence and resources through a foundation also lost 12+ devices. She has an entourage travel with her to prevent things such as losing devices.

  3. We learned with Wikileaks that Clinton and the DNC were in bed with the media, But, NOW we have learned that the media is in bed with the FBI / DOJ. When Trump uses the term “Fake News” that barely scratches the surface. He should modify that to include this cabal.

    In today’s White House briefing they were in full display of their literal “Hatred” dripping from their mouths. I’ll just bet after the CBS report about Sanders leaving, I have no doubt the onslaught today is to create enough hostility that Sanders will get fed up and leave. CBS has given them the perception that it IS possible.

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