WOW! Just WOW! Hillary Says All Americans Are Guilty of Implicit Racism


The debate has been more of what we have heard for months now, however, Hillary did call Americans racists.

Hillary said during the debate tonight that it isn’t just the police that are racist….everyone has implicit bias and is racist!

Hillary insists we have “systemic racism” in this country. That will be a great attitude to have if she wants to start a race war.

Hillary called Trump a racist, making claims about his business dealings being racist that need serious fact-checking. She brought up the birther issue.

Trump said she treated Barack Obama with terrible disrespect during the debates. He also attacked her attack.

You can hear her comments about racism on this video below.

She said something similar in July. Americans don’t need to be judged and lectured by a political hack.

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6 years ago

Deplorable, and now racist…. I’m beside myself. sarc/off

bill gullen
bill gullen
6 years ago

kudos for catching that, right out of the box in the first sentence of her response she indicts the police and americans.
still waiting for the talking heads to bring it up…b