WOW! Look What Mike Lee Just Said! This Is a Conservative?


Senator Mike Lee, formerly a harsh Trump critic and a conservative, just made a startling recommendation for the position of FBI Director. He suggested Merrick Garland, the SCOTUS nominee who never got a hearing because of Republicans. As a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, he refused to give Merrick Garland a hearing for the Supreme Court.

Lee pitched the idea to Trump’s advisers when he was at the White House on Wednesday, according to an aide. While the reason for his White House visit was unrelated — it was to discuss tax reform — he did bring up Garland as a possible FBI director separately, underscoring that the conservative senator is very serious about the idea.

At first blush, it could look like an act of cowardice or caving to the opposition to make them happy. Why would he make a suggestion like this?

However, Garland is the chief judge of the DC Circuit Court. Perhaps Lee wants him out of the Circuit Court?

Senator Cornyn thought it would be great having the seat open in the Circuit.

Roy Blount liked the idea too but didn’t say why.

This is nuts. Find another way to open up the court. Don’t do it at Trump’s expense.

When Garland was nominated for SCOTUS, Senator Lee, who has clerked in the Supreme Court, described Garland as a Progressive Liberal but explained that it doesn’t matter who the candidate is. The SCOTUS pick must be left to the next president.

Senators Feinstein and Manchin found the idea of a Garland FBI Director “interesting” and “a great suggestion” respectively.

For those who don’t know, Merrick Garland wasn’t considered for Supreme Court Justice because he is a fairly left-wing guy. He will definitely push towards socialism if that’s what the Democrats want.

Merrick Garland stood with the EPA 100% of the time. He’s a radical on climate change and no supporter of the Second Amendment. Why put him in law enforcement?

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