WOW, Meghan McCain Really Disagrees with Andrew Cuomo


At the anti-Trumpathon funeral for John McCain that lasted all week, his daughter Meghan McCain attacked the Trump slogan, ‘Make America Great Again’. That’s the slogan tens of millions of Americans bought into and still buy into. It’s the same one Ronald Reagan used.

The audience applauded Meghan McCain’s caustic comments yesterday as she trashed the sentiment so many Americans agree with.

“America has no need to be made great again because America was always great,” she said bitterly to applause from the mostly anti-Trump audience.

She really disagrees with New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo who says “America was never that great.”

There is a happy medium.

Both McCain and Cuomo were trying to mock the President’s slogan. Trump responded Sunday in a tweet and in caps, ‘MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!’


We live in a country where minorities had unacceptable unemployment numbers and are poorly educated, the GDP was anemic, and the military was going down. Our trade deficits amount to downright theft by foreign nations. Political correctness has been running us aground.

We don’t have borders and criminals are pouring in.

Socialists and Communists are now running for office and the Democrat Party, run by the media, is a leftist party.

Our culture is becoming hedonistic and freedoms like the First and Second Amendments are being eroded. Communists and their allies are tearing our historic statues down and threatening to kill people they disagree with.

That’s not the great America we want.

The only thing that stands between Americans and their freedoms is Trump, like him or not.


John McCain Planned the Trash Trump & Conservatives Funeral for a Year

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