Wow! Newt Gingrich Trounces Megyn Kelly


Newt Gingrich called out Megyn Kelly for what he described as her bigoted coverage and “inflammatory language” when it comes to Donald Trump. He said he is “sick and tired of people” like her, accusing her and the media in general of not covering policy. He added that she is “fascinated by sex”.

The former Speaker of the House, known for his feistiness, challenged her to talk about Bill Clinton’s sexual predatory behavior. Isn’t she concerned about sending Bill Clinton back to the East Wing, he asked?

That is a fair challenge since Hillary said Bill will probably be running the economy and will have a very important role in any case.

Kelly said she wants to protect women but apparently not from Bill. It’s true that the Fox anchor does not discuss Trump’s policy initiatives and it’s not just her. Special Report’s so-called All-Star panel of Trump bashers couldn’t find one nice thing to say about Trump this evening – in fact, they never can.

Kelly has them all beat, however, when it comes to Trump bashing.

Megyn Kelly could be ruining Fox despite her ample viewership by setting them on a different path. What do you think? Who won?

She cares so much about women, is so “fascinated” by protecting women, that she fat-shamed Kirstie Alley.



  1. I am so sick of her mouth. Gingrich is so right. She does nothing but bash Trump. Fox needs to get rid of her. I thought they were fair and balanced. She is NOT. I will not watch her show ever again!

  2. Megan Kelly has gotten so full of herself.
    The snarky attitude she has been displaying
    is the very attitude that sets women back.
    Obviously Megyn went to college, so she should put her big girl pants on and get over what Trump said
    eleven years ago! What difference does it make!?
    It isn’t news, it isn’t informative, and it certainly isn’t worth my time listening to her harangue two
    men that obviously know what is at stake for our country.
    Possibly Megyn would be better suited to work for
    another network.

  3. Kelly has a vendetta against Trump and wants to use her media position to get revenge.
    She’s not defending women she’s defending her own ego, because if Trump wins the election then she will be forced to respect him and she can’t bring herself to do that because she was offended by him. So now she is on a personal war path, she wants to make it bigger than she is. She claims that it’s not personal — it’s national — it’s saving American women — its’ saving the WORLD!

    She has a very big ego. And this obsessive focus on the subject proves it.

  4. I’ve had just about enough of Megyn’s nastiness. I used to enjoy her, but I will no longer tune in. Sorry, Fox….. you need to do better.

  5. Megan has practically nude pictures of herself on the internet. She puts them there for men to gawk at. Women unless they are lesbians do not want to look at other women naked. She puts them their for men. Meet is right. She is absorbed with her own sexually and has some weird infanticide of sex. She makes me sick. The way she dresses and reveals as much as she can legally get away with on Fox news is disgraceful. The only way you can watch the news on Fox is to stare at someone’s mass or breast. It’s disgusting.

  6. Newt buried her when he pointed to the irrefutable evidence stacked up against Slick Willy and challenged Kelly to call him a sexual predator. She sidestepped, danced, bobbed and weaved, but couldn’t do it. Certainly didn’t like it when she was put on the defensive did she. Boo hoo.

  7. My husband and I turn off her program. We can’t stand her nastiness and one sided coverage of the news. We will never be her fan. Actually she makes us sick.

  8. Amazing. Donald Trump brags about grabbing women and you people keep singing his praises. Newt Gingrich needs to find a rock to crawl under. He’s no longer relevant. I’m no fan of Megan Kelly. But it is so hypocritical of so-called “family values” conservatives to support trump no matter what. He is slime who happens to be wealthy. He needs to be in prison. SEXUAL PREDATOR for sure and shame on anyone (including Gingrich) who defends/supports him.

    • HE needs to be in prison?! What about Bill?? He is slime who happens to be wealthy and is a proven sexual predator. But he’s not running for office. Let’s talk Hillary who lies about everything, is a national threat to our security. Also proven, yet liberals won’t admit and all the dirt gets swept under the rug because Clintons are today’s version of the Kennedy’s. Nothing touches them.
      But I digress… Where were those accusers of Trump 30 years ago? He has always been rich and in the public eye. Forget that, and ask yourself where were they when Trump was part of the 17 candidates? Forget that too. Now ask yourself where were they when he became the GOP nominee? If they were that serious about accusing Trump, it would have been done long before now. The answer is simple.. hired by the Clinton campaign. But the liberals won’t admit that either.

  9. She clearly has an agenda with her relentless repition. Shes beginning to sound like Nancy Grace. It’s getting old. Fine cover it, but newt is right with respect to her unbalance.

  10. U r too obvious megan, u r bias, i thought Fox is fair media but its not! Shame on u. Secretary Gingrich dare u too say Clinton is sexual predator and u can’t even say it bitch. Like what the secretary said we’re SICK AND TIRED of people LIKE U. Ur hatefulness to Trump is unbelievable, U know what ur sexes, thats the right word for u.

  11. Wow what a massive democrat no mention that Hillary very likely paid theses women to come out. She tried to take Trump down on the 1st debate. She is the biggest phony to appear on the truth net work. All other net works will not report on any leaked emails from Hillary as you won’t. You are the biggest bitch in the world we expect this from all other net works but not FOX. U are a massive hater of Trump. No mention of Hillary,s hiding and massive attacks on Bills massive attacks on women. I feel you are a massive Dike with no love of life for women as you are a low life like Billy Bush.

  12. I used to enjoy watching Megyn on Fox News, but she has become so biased I change the channel when she comes on. Fox needs to get rid of her. MSNBC would be a good place for her.

  13. A lot of people know the word “misogynist” but I expect few know the word “misandrist”.
    Dictionaries should place the picture of this “journalist”, Megyn Kelly, right beside it.

  14. at the end of the day the msm got a freebie talking point to round-out their 24-7 rant against mr. trump on a subject where his campaign is the most vulnerable. trying to prove ms. kelly’s prejudice and indict her on journalistic bias is small ball compared to the negative optics force-fed to countless millions of eyeballs on eight major networks today; and this from the ‘smartest’ person in american politics.
    mr. gingrich made karl rove look like a genius…b

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