WOW! NFL Must Be Cringing After the Opening of the Third Game of the World Series


The third game of the World Series had an amazing display during the National Anthem. They showed the NFL how it’s done. This is why baseball has taken over as the number one sport in America.

The NFL should be humiliated. Any NFL owners watching the opening must feel very uncomfortable [see the clip below].

The young, impressionable men in the NFL probably don’t even realize what they are doing by kneeling and otherwise showing their disrespect for our flag and country during the anthem. The players union have joined forces with leftist groups, including Soros-funded groups and they are giving these men the wrong information. Apparently the PR department is filled with misguided left-wingers as well.

ESPN, if they can be trusted, reported that the NFL executives took control of the last meeting on the issue of disrespecting the flag. The suits told the owners how it was going to be.

If the story is accurate, it portrays the owners as the least powerful people in the room, that Goodell and the liberal left-wing executives of the NFL were telling everybody what’s gonna be. They aren’t going to tell the players to stand.

They wouldn’t even let Jerry Jones in one of the meetings because they didn’t want him to put forward the proposition that players will be benched if they don’t stand for the anthem.

Left-wing execs, many of whom have never been in football before, who come from marketing and retailing and some women are making all the decisions. The PR department is all former Obama and Clinton by the way.

Read the piece, it’s amazing they wrote it! More importantly, watch how real Americans treat our flag.

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