Wow! Only a Billion Dollars for Healthcare Dot Gov!


halloween healthcare site

The $1.1 billion dollar websites being set up for individual states is being paid for by the US taxpayer. They work a little better than the federal website, but not much.

The websites may not be working very well, but the good news is that if you can’t get in, neither can the hackers – your personal information is finally secure.

The Kelly File on Fox News reported this evening that Darrell Issa’s office issued the total number of enrollees in Obamacare for October 2 and they stand at just 6 people (that’s right – one, two, three, four, five, and SIX) but by the next day, there were a whopping 248 people.

On October 16th, Delaware had 1 enrollee, Arkansas had 7 and Wisconsin had 50. By the 18th, Oregon had 0 and North Dakota had 20 but they were told not to talk about these numbers again.

The top hospitals might opt out of Obamacare. As The National Review Online said, will Mr. Obama call them ‘bad apples’ too?

In New York, doctors are resisting Obamacare, with 44% saying they are not participating, 33% saying they are not sure, and only 23% are saying they are taking patients signed up through the exchanges. Doctors are reporting that they have not even been given a fee schedule yet.

People are being thrown off their individual health insurance plans in the millions now. Employer-sponsored plans will also be affected. It will be illegal for insurance companies to continue plans that don’t conform exactly to HHS regulations.

When this website was first being constructed, Amazon and Microsoft offered their services but the White House operatives said they’d let people know. They never got back to them.


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