WOW! Possibly Great News for Fans After Roseanne’s Show Hits Big


Rosanne Barr’s new show which actually gives the lead character pro-Trump lines was a dramatic hit this week which has led Fox News to consider rebooting past conservative shows that also hit.

Roseanne’s show demonstrated the fact that there is a large pro-Trump audience waiting for the right shows.

TMZ, a Fox show,  reported that on top of the list for rebooting is ‘Last Man Standing’ with Tim Allen. The show still had good ratings when it was canceled recently. Tim Allen said it was because of his conservative character and Hollywood for conservatives is like 1930s Nazi Germany.

Allen was roundly criticized at the time for using the word ‘Nazi’ although the left uses it all the time.

They are like Nazis. The show was the second most popular show for ABC.

Fox produced the show for ABC but they would put it on Fox if they bring it back. There is talk of bringing back other more traditional shows.

They think we’re toothless, bible-thumping bigots:

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