Wow! Robertson’s Support Exploding, Sponsors to Stay with Duck Dynasty


Is it Hasta la Vista A&E?

There are dozens of Facebook pages growing in support of Phil Robertson and the show’s sponsors have said they will not leave the show. If Duck Dynasty goes, at least one sponsor will go too.

Robertson could have said what he said more respectfully, but then he wouldn’t have been Phil Robertson. This is how the man talks. What he said came from his belief in the bible. It’s his right, like it or not.

The Robertson’s won’t go on with the show unless their Patriarch goes with them. The sponsors are sticking with him. Maybe they’ve had enough. They also want to make money, that’s what they do, and this show is a money maker.

If the public is upset enough with his comments to stop watching the show then fine, they will be the judges, but to tell someone they can’t speak their mind is not acceptable.

Every time anyone runs afoul of these leftists, they scream boycott and they have powerful lobbies despite their minority status.

One of the sponsors, Skyjacker, which builds truck suspensions, said it stands solidly behind Phil and the show. They said ‘it’s about God and country.’ It’s a free country and ‘Phil has the right to his opinions,’ they added.

‘We are a Christian- based company and actively share our faith so standing with Phil Robertson is an easy choice for us.’

Listen to this taped interview with one sponsor and Eric Bolling on the Cavuto show:

If A&E wants a reality show, they can’t have one if they change who these people are. They’ve already told them to not pray on the show or use the word ‘Jesus.’

TMZ reported on On the Record Friday that the Robertsons have met with A&E bigwigs and it went badly.

There is a petition to bring phil back at

Sentinel has nothing against gay people but we do have something against people who rob others of their First Amendment rights. This isn’t a free speech case but it is a PC case and PC is robbing us of our free speech.

Whiners, especially those who are in the minority, shouldn’t be telling the majority what to do and we at the Sentinel defend free speech for all, including free speech for the majority.

We at the Sentinel are not alone. There are millions on Facebook who feel the same way. Check out the numbers on just a few of Facebook pages as of midnight Friday, with the last one being their show’s page.

Phil Robertson

People you can contact:

You can email A&E at and call them at 212-210-1400 and give them your opinion.

More contact info:

Ms. Abbe Raven, CEO
A&E Television Networks
235 East 45th St.
New York, NY 10017



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