WOW! Romney Set to Blow Up the Establishment Thursday



Former presidential candidate and author of Romneycare, Mitt Romney will try to blow up Donald Trump’s candidacy Thursday morning but might end up blowing up all regard most in the party might have had for the establishment.

Bloomberg Politics editor Mark Halperin reported in Politico that Romney’s speech this morning will concentrate on Trump, calling him “a phony, a fraud.”

“He’s playing the American public for suckers: He gets a free ride to the White House and all we get is a lousy hat,” Romney is expected to say.

There are many in the Republican party – not just establishment – who will welcome this. Some want a third party if Trump is the nominee. Not everyone will support Donald Trump. Romney is banking on what he believes to be a silent majority of Republican voters who didn’t vote for Trump to come to the fore.

However, he might be misreading the tea leaves.

Donald Trump might form a third party.

All this is leading towards handing the corrupt socialist Hillary Clinton winning in November.

Former Governor Jan Brewer responded to the report on Fox & Friends Thursday morning.  I guess it’s true, she said, “Republicans eat their own, it’s pretty shocking it’s unbelievable, what happened to the 11th commandment?”

Reagan’s 11th commandment says, Never, but never, speak ill of a fellow Republican.

Jan Brewer taking on the Marxist when no one else would.
Jan Brewer taking on the Marxist when no one else would.

Brewer said that Mr Trump is going to “fight for us” and he will respond. The government has let us down and Trump is a “good person, he listens, and he’s successful”. “No one has listened, they’ve turned a blind eye to us.” She continued, “a country without borders is like a house without walls.”

The border wall will help, she said, and she is supporting Donald Trump.

Brewer said Trump will “fight for us”, for the “police and for the border agents”.

She believes a lot of Hispanics will support Donald Trump because they see the dangers of no borders.

Brewer said “he’s a truth teller” and “tells it like it is.”

To paraphrase more of what Governor Brewer said: as far as the establishment, they should support the candidate whoever the candidate is, “it’s disgraceful,” they have to listen to the people, the people have spoken and “this is one more case of them not listening to the people”.

The man who patted himself on his back for giving us the omnibus, Speaker Ryan, said he hasn’t seen the speech or the excerpts. When given the excerpts by the hosts, he said he will not respond but added that Romney is a” close friend” and a “principled conservative”.

Some of us would like to know how they define “conservative.”

Ryan “will keep his powder dry” and will “stay neutral” but he says Romney is “very worried about the future of this country”.

Ryan will concentrate on a  bold, conservative agenda and will review it with the candidates and hope they support it.

Here are some responses from Trump so far. Romney wouldn’t rule out a third party run while being interviewed by NBC Thursday morning.

Trump response


  1. MItt Romeny was no good the last time he ran so why waste his time and money this time. Trump has earned the nomination and should get it. I personally will vote for trump but not Romney. If this happens I might have to change parties.

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