WOW, SICK! Germany Says Banning Child Marriages Is Unconstitutional


The Federal Supreme Court of Germany ruled earlier this month that child marriage is constitutional so long as it takes place prior to entering the country.

Are you kidding me?

According to the German publication Die Welt, the court ruled it unconstitutional for Germany to outright ban child marriages that were lawfully conducted abroad.

“In the specific case, it was about a Syrian refugee couple, who had fled in August 2015 over the Balkan route because of the war to Germany,” reports the outlet. “The couple had previously been legally married on 10 February 2015 in a Syrian Sharia court. The husband was 21 years old on his wedding day, his wife was at the age of 14.”


“The ruling, which effectively opens the door to legalizing Sharia-based child marriages in Germany, is one of a growing number of instances in which German courts are — wittingly or unwittingly — promoting the establishment of a parallel Islamic legal system in the country,” writes respected journalist Soeren Kern in a report for the Gatestone Institute.

Germany has ruled that their marriage should be honored and all cases must be judged on a case-by-case basis. There will be no blanket ban.

If you don’t think the same thing can happen here, you are wrong. Just consider how states, even Texas, can’t get Sharia Law banned.

The Germans are losing those qualities that make them part of Western civilization and they can thank their far-left Chancellor Angela Merkel.

There is no society superior to that of the West and the people who want to tear it down are fools.

Respected Journalist Soeren Kern said, “In September 2016, the German Interior Ministry, responding to a Freedom of Information Act request, revealed that 1,475 married children — including 361 children under the age of 14 — were known to be living in Germany as of July 31, 2016.”


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