Wow, So We’re Haters If We Don’t Strike Syria!?!


The prestige and credibility of the United States is on the line over Syria, if we have any prestige left that is.

President Obama sent out a clear directive that if we had irrefutable evidence Assad launched chemical weapons, that would be the red line and we would strike Syria in retaliation.

If we don’t enforce the red line, what will Iran and Russia take away from this?

That is a powerful argument.

There is yet another powerful argument to be made.

What about securing the chemical weapons? We did not do that in Libya and those weapons are in the hands of Al Qaeda. A just-released Pentagon report says that it would take 75,000 ground troops to secure Assad’s weapons. Is anyone thinking about that? Read about that at the Daily Mail.

Then there is the 100-page report that Putin has which proves the rebels launched the chemical attack.

They are all liars so which liar do we believe?

World leaders are pressuring Mr. Obama to not launch attacks at the G-20 Summit, but to hear Bill O’Reilly tell it, the Conservatives are the problem.

Bill O’Reilly of Fox News called out Conservatives for their lack of support for an attack on Syria, when in fact, there are many Democrats and Republicans who share the same concerns. O’Reilly said Conservatives are holding back solely because of ideology and hatred for Obama.

Is it about hatred and ideology?

Conservatives, and many others on both sides of the aisle, are concerned that the prestige we are protecting is more about Obama and that this strike will not be handled well. Many are not certain that Assad fired the chemical weapons because we have to take the administration’s word for it and they have repeatedly lied to us.

The biggest problem is that Obama has no clear strategy or plan to deal with any action and possible retaliation. If we do change the course of the war in Syria, what then? Who takes over?

President Obama voted ‘present’ on Syria for two years. He said  that if Assad fired chemical weapons, that would be the red line. He has dithered since being told Assad did indeed launch the weapons. He tried to form a coalition and couldn’t. He went to the UN and they told him any action on his part would not be justified. He said he would not go to Congress because he has the power to launch an attack without them, which he does. He readied the warships. He told the enemy where and how he was going to strike. He had Secretary Kerry out making the case and within 24 hours of Kerry’s impassioned plea, Mr. Obama said he wasn’t sure what he was going to do. Then he went to Congress saying he doesn’t need their approval and can act on his own.

That is not a confidence building approach.

Senator McCain said he would only vote for action against Syria if President Obama outlined a clear strategy and plan. No such plan was presented but Senator McCain voted for it anyway because of a clause that was included which allows for a broader engagement.

President Obama drew a red line August 20, 2012 but said on Tuesday that he did not draw the red line. Congress and the world drew the red line, he claimed. Should that refusal to take a responsible leadership role reassure Conservatives?

Should we trust him because he is so trustworthy? Should we trust John Kerry after he lied for Obama?

The American public doesn’t know what really happened in Benghazi, they can’t find out anything about the IRS, they can’t get to the bottom of Fast & Furious – all pertinent documents are redacted and classified, we keep getting fed malarkey about the NSA, but we can be definitively certain that Assad used chemical weapons against his own people and that Obama is the man to lead us in a strike.

Well, call me a cynic!

Conservatives and the rest of us who are reluctant should apparently feel confidant despite the way this has come down.

Senator John McCain appearing on Fox News Thursday morning said that we must change the tide of the war in Syria. A strike will degrade Assad’s power. He said that Russia and Iran will not retaliate but he didn’t explain why he believes that. He just said “They are not going to do that.”

Rep. Ros-Lehniten appeared shortly after McCain’s appearance and said no one is talking about changing the course of the war. The only action approved is to launch a quick strike as punishment.

So which is it?

There are 1200 groups fighting now in Syria. Check out the map in the video.

The prevailing thought is that the Syrian people would not tolerate a takeover by radical Islamists after having put their lives on the line for freedom. Syrians who are interviewed do say they don’t care who the president is as long as they are free and secular.

Indeed, Syrians are far more secular than other countries in the region. The likelihood is that Assad did fire the chemical weapons. He has threatened it and has the capability. He appears to have no regard for the lives of his own people.

For most of us, we need to hear the strategy and it needs to make sense. It is not about hatred or ideology. Obama needs to show some leadership and he needs to make the case.

Meanwhile, the lunatic Assad is doing photo-ops. Photo via The National Journal

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