WOW! Soros’s Progressive Gov Will Make NJ a Super Sanctuary State


Phil Murphy

When the incoming governor of New Jersey takes the helm, he will establish a state agency to aid and protect illegal aliens according the Washington Post. Phil Murphy, the former Ambassador to Germany under Barack Obama, will establish the Office of Immigrant Defensive Protection to help protect people here illegally.

While the excuse is to fight the much-vilified Donald Trump, it is actually to fight and flout our laws and maintain open borders for future Democrats.

He will declare New Jersey a sanctuary state if necessary under the guise of protecting so-called DREAMers.

Fox Insider reports the new agency will answer the questions illegal aliens have about their status. He thinks the word “sanctuary” is now tainted and will call the state “welcoming”. “Welcoming” is the new word to cover up illegal immigration and open borders.

The Post reported Murphy supports offering state identification, driver’s licenses and education-related financial aid to illegal immigrants.

His generosity is at the expense of the taxpayer. The governor wants to make New Jersey “a Progressive Blue Beacon” with all that entails from legalizing weed; raising taxes, especially on millionaires to redistribute the money to the “poor”; raising the minimum wage; and enacting environmental [extremism] climate change regulations.

The soon-to-be socialist governor compared Trump’s administration to Germany in the 1920s although he sounds more like he’d fit the bill. His far-left agenda will be pushed on this line of attack and he says we will “stand firm for New Jersey’s values and push back against the mean winds blowing at us from Washington, D.C.”

The former Goldman Sachs executive has already blamed Chris Christie for budgetary limitations and he’s planning to put forth a hard-left agenda under the guise of fighting President Trump: “It’s first and foremost a referendum on the failed economy in New Jersey and failed leadership in New Jersey,” Murphy said on CNN Wednesday morning. “We’ve been overwhelmingly focused on what we need to do within the four walls of our state, but you can’t ignore a president who, many in our state feel, does not stand for the same values that we stand for.”

Democrats won overwhelmingly in New Jersey state and local elections giving Murphy a  “whole up and down ballot referendum.”

Governor Northam of Virginia is “a good friend” and you can expect Virginia to move in the same direction. Northam is also a Progressive. Murphy speaks regularly with Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Murphy received endorsements from the hard-left U.S. Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and large donations from billionaire super donors George Soros and Donald Sussman.

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