WOW! Stephon Clarke’s Brother Stevante Appears on CNN


We haven’t weighed in on the protests/riots on behalf of Stephon Clarke who was unarmed when shot. He was running from police who were pursuing a burglar at the time of the shooting. Police thought he was holding a gun and shot him eight times. We are still not going to weigh in except to put up this video of his brother, Stevante Clarke.

Stevante has been making the rounds of the left-wing media outlets and has appeared very unhinged. People are now saying he has PTSD or “he’s in grief”, and people must help him. Stevante has lost two brothers to violence.

Many have been talking about Stevante 

Since he appears “crazy”, the media and his supporters are jumping in to protect his reputation, such as it is. The diagnosis of PTSD does not come from a trained professional, but from friends.

You can view one of his appearances on the clip below. It’s so bizarre that one must wonder why anyone would have him on a TV show.

Don Lemon was the interviewer and, after asking a question, Stephon sat in stony silence for a protracted period of time. He had rung a bell and the confused Lemon asked what that meant. Stephon growled, “next question.”

Lemon said, “Okay, obviously you are in grief right now”.  He immediately realized this interview was going nowhere good.

Stevante replied, “I am not in grief, we haven’t slept, we haven’t ate [sic], the media keeps following us everywhere we go.”

It’s a mystery then as to why he is on the show, but later he said, “I’m not blaming the media.” That was after he blamed CNN for ruining his family’s lives.


Rambling on, he said he loves his city and he’s “Sac-strong”. The mayor will help him build a library, he continued.

At one point, he said to the black Don Lemon, “Don Lemon let me talk to my people, okay? You black on black, let’s be black now, don’t you do that”.

Is this what his brothers were like? We can only guess.

It’s all very sad.