WOW! Supreme Court Finds Obama Violated the Constitution in a 6-2 Decision


Justices Kagan and Breyer voted with Justice Roberts, Alito, Thomas and Kennedy in a 6-2 decision ruling that Barack Obama violated the Constitution when he appointed a general counsel to the NLRB after the Senate refused to confirm him.

It’s ironic given the fact that the former president is a constitutional lawyer.

The Free Beacon reported:

The court ruled Tuesday that Obama appointee Lafe Solomon illegally served as acting general counsel to the National Labor Relations Board from 2010 to 2013. Solomon, who once violated the agency’s ethics rules, should have vacated the position in accordance with the Federal Vacancies Reform Act of 1998 (FVRA) after the Senate refused to take up his nomination to serve as permanent general counsel in 2011, the court found in a 6-2 opinion authored by Chief Justice John Roberts. The appointment was an “end-run around” the Constitution.

“We cannot cast aside the separation of powers and the Appointments Clause’s important check on executive power for the sake of administrative convenience or efficiency,” the majority ruled.

Obama, like the Democrats interrogating Judge Neil Gorsuch this week, believe the Constitution is a “living document” to be manipulated to the will of the left. He once described the Constitution as “a work in progress” that “can evolve for the good of all Americans…”

It was only meant to inspire according to him.

He and his Democrat Party members believe jurists should be legislators and the Supreme Court should become another body of politicians.



    • True but it’s also amazing Breyer and Kagan have any respect for the Constitution. Our country is is a sorry state of affairs.

      • We have communist everywhere, Congress, courts, the Media, the sad thing is we we’re warned, but we let the media destroy him. Joe McCarthy is vindicated, he was right, NOW LOOK at our country and the power these communist have. Our first REAL PRESIDENT has his work ahead of him;, pray for him daily he needs it more than ever, these communist are fighting to keep power!

  1. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that Kagan and Breyer would have joined this ruling had Obama still been in office. Now that Trump is President, look for the courts to suddenly become very interested in reining in the Executive Branch.

    • Indeed how right you are. Please do not be fooled by any of them. When a Leftist does something that seems to actually conform, ALWAYS look for a nefarious reason.

      And regardless the act or action, no matter what deceptive label they assign to it, that act or action will ALWAYS track ahead to the same, horrific conclusion: Their ABSOLUTE, primary intention to convert our Representative Republic to a Socialist/Marxist style single party system… THEIR party and none other.

  2. The US Constitution IS a living document, in that it is not “unchangeable”. It has, within it’s text, the method that is to be used to amend and update it. The problem is that the method is difficult, as the framers wanted to make sure that changes weren’t made just in the heat of a fleeting wind of change. Democrats know that they can’t get the changes they want made by following the rules, so they try to change them by ignoring or circumventing the rules.

    • Unfortunately they have added too many unconstitutional amendments to it that have diluted or destroyed many of our original freedoms.

    • The document was meant to delineate the powers and to put boundaries on them, constrain the politicians. If it is to be changed, then all hell can break loose. As it is, the document is routinely ignored.

  3. You will hear people talk about the “liberal” decisions that Scalia made. That cuts to the heart of the person making the statement. Scalia made neither liberal nor conservative decisions. He made Constitutional decisions. Ginsburg should never have been on the bench. In her eyes the Constitution says whatever wild as liberal thing she wished it said.

  4. The former president IS NOT a Constitutional lawyer. He’s never practiced law. He once taught as an ADJUNCT professor, a constitutional law class. But that hardly qualifies him as anything approaching a constitutional scholar.

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