WOW! What Obama Did After San Bernardino Is Sick!


o2The tension between the White House and the FBI Director James Comey is palpable. When Comey went out to talk about the San Bernardino shootings, he had his watchdog Loretta Lynch with him to control the message.

Obama tried to make it into a case of gun violence because he has an agenda.

The rumors have been afloat that he told the directors of several key agencies to downplay the terrorism and play up the gun violence angle.

He certainly doesn’t want to do anything about Syria and he definitely wants to destroy the Second Amendment as part of his assault on that old piece of “living” paper – the constitution.

SOFREP (Special Forces news) confirms that to be the case.

A SOFREP source confirmed that after the shooting, Obama held a meeting in the Oval Office with his National Security Council, the attorney general, and the directors of the DHS, FBI, and NSA, in which a directive was given to downplay the terrorism angle. Such meetings are not held for mass shootings. Besides that, SIGINT aircraft like the ones the U.S. military flies over Africa (programs such as Creek Sand and Aztec Archer previously detailed on SOFREP) and Afghanistan don’t slurp up data from the skies over California unless the government is actively searching for other members of a terrorist cell. The same was done after the Boston bombings and the attempted Times Square bombing.

Obama is still running with his deceitful narrative that al Qaeda is on the run. ISIS is al Qaeda. They are all the same people.

General Michael Flynn, former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, said publicly that the Obama administration wants to completely sideline discussion of terrorism, because it contradicts the claim that al Qaeda is dwindling.

Worse yet, SOFREP believes the FBI is being constrained in investigating the attack, which would not be surprising since Barack doesn’t even admit attacks are attacks or radical Islam has anything to do with Islam. They probably are afraid to investigate the Mosque because they appear to have simply asked a few questions. Meanwhile, in France they are finding caches of serious weapons in Mosques, along with terrorist literature. They even found terrorist songs in one school. They’re shutting them down while Obama is aligning himself with them, even if they are radical.

Obama has a lot invested in Islam.


The FBI is said to be frightened of crossing the White House’s party line while they attempt to investigate the San Bernardino shootings. After 9/11, and the more recent attacks in Paris, law enforcement officials served warrants, investigated known associates, and did what they needed to do to gather evidence and make arrests. Now, the FBI is afraid of investigating the mosque Farook attended, as Obama’s priority seems to be avoiding anti-Muslim backlash. All Director Comey can do is plead with the White House to allow his agents to properly investigate the crime.

Does anyone think for a minute that Obama wouldn’t do all of this?

In the first 35 seconds of the video below, Obama says there was no evidence of outside influences. Obama went into some nonsense about the terrorists going into a new phase and minds being poisoned. Minds aren’t poisoned by others – these people are already satanic. He said that when all Americans paying attention knew it wasn’t possible for him to know that without an investigation.

All evidence points to outside sources as it turns out. He quickly went into the gun violence narrative and downplays terrorism. [Of course this story is accurate]. Right after this, his minion, Loretta Lynch went out and said she was going to unconstitutionally prosecute hate speech against Muslims.

All the circumstantial evidence points to its accuracy.

SOFREP is an online site