Witches Cast “Binding Spells” on Trump and Trump Supporters, Outside Trump Tower


Are these people for real?

Last Wednesday a large Facebook group of nearly 2500 “witches” held an event to cast binding spells on President Trump and those who abet him. It’s not known how many of the 2400+ actually attended. The witches have been doing this for a while and have future events planned.

They call themselves “Bind Trump” and “Magic Resistance”. Pictures and videos are online of their anti-Trump Hocus Pocus.

To cast the spells, the witches had to gather certain components which included an unflattering photo of Trump, candles, water, an ashtray, sand and so on. They then called on “spirits” and “demons of the infernal realms” to bind Trump so he will “fail utterly”.

Any of us who support him are also condemned for enabling Trump’s “wickedness”. They asked the demons to strike down our “towers of vanity.”

Sounds ominous!

At the end, the witches reward themselves with some heinous laughter, jumping, clapping, stomping and eating.

Future binding events are scheduled for July 21, August 19, September 18, October 17 and many other dates, ending in December 2020, one of the final months of Trump’s first term in office.

Witchcraft is Satanism, plain and simple. Even more interesting is that they are Democrats, Progressives to be specific! The video below has the Satanists performing their spell in front of the Trump Tower. They say Trump and his supporters must be bound in chains in the name of “love”, “peace” and “equality”.

Too many drugs perhaps?

Listen to the insane laughter at the end. They do that to come down from their intense spell binding.


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