Writer Ben Stein Says Mueller’s Probe Is “to Hunt and Kill” Trump Politically


People have to understand that the investigation of Donald Trump is a counterintelligence probe. There is no crime. It’s a probe in search of a crime, clearly an illegal fishing expedition.

Author, writer, lawyer, commentator, Ben Stein says exactly that. He said he is sure Mr. Mueller, the special counsel, is a “fine human being in many ways but he’s got that job because he wants to kill the political career and maybe take away the freedom of President Trump. He’s not there for any other reason. Nobody takes that job then hires 20 or 30 high-level Democrat prosecutors unless he’s out to get the President.”

Trump has a “whole bunch of buzzards and other carrion looking over his shoulder. They want to kill him.

Stein says the President has to get rid of Mueller and Sessions eventually. “The whole idea of having a special prosecutor this early, WHEN THERE’S NO CRIME…”

He added that Mueller has to go because “Mueller has performed in an extremely unprofessional way by having a deck stacked with so many [indistinct word] Democrats and big time Hillary contributors. That is not the way to run…and there shouldn’t have been a special prosecutor in the first place. Nothing bad happened.”

This probe, Stein said, is meant “to hunt and kill…not literally…politically, President Trump…they found nothing..and it is too broad a mandate. It would be understandable if they found some espionage or someone being paid off to be nice to him but they found nothing. There was no reason to have a special prosecutor in the first place. This is the essence of a witch hunt done by a very accomplished witch hunter, Mr. Mueller…”

The market fell as news that the probe was being expanded. The witch hunters don’t care if they hurt the country economically. The media will lambast Stein or ridicule him, but how many would actually disagree if they were being honest?

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