WRONG! Republican Healthcare Does Not KILL Anyone, Obamacare Is NOT Fine


Democrats are using their usual hyperbole, cherry-picked statistics, while ignoring uncertainties to explain how 22 million people will die under the Republican healthcare bill, Max Bloom says.

Truth is that there is no way to know the effect of health insurance coverage. There’s just no way to determine that with all the many variables. Some buy more, some buy less, some don’t follow up with care, and the young are more willing to take the risk of not buying or using health insurance.

In all of the separate studies about the effect of insurance, none are comparable because of these very variables. That’s not to demean the studies. They’re valuable but even researchers warn of the studies limitations. A study in Massachusetts doesn’t necessarily hold for the rest of the nation.

Some of these studies show dramatically different results.

If more people choose to not buy health insurance under a new healthcare bill, it’s because they choose to. Mostly, the youth and the healthier American will leave, not the sick. Also, Illegal aliens will not be covered.

The idea of Republican health insurance killing people is a political talking point for Democrats.

It’s unlikely that the Deep State CBO score will hold and 20 million Americans will lose their health insurance

As Avik Roy has detailed, the CBO estimates of 22 million more uninsured, are far more pessimistic than is justified, since they assume that the individual mandate is unrealistically all-powerful and that all states would eventually expand Medicaid under Obamacare.

The real estimate, Roy says is closer to 5 million.

Furthermore, Roy says, the CBO bases their estimates on a faulty notion that the individual mandate is the only thing keeping Americans on the exchanges. In other words, people losing coverage are people who bought insurance because they were forced to buy it. They are making the choice to take the risk. That’s their choice and no one is killing them.

As far as Medicaid is concerned, Medicaid is also not the same as private insurance. There is a lot of conflating going on.

Obamacare is NOT fine

Dick Durbin

Dick Durbin, and many other Democrats, like Nancy Pelosi, say Obamacare is fine and, they add, the real problem is Trump undermining it.

In fact, the exchanges collapsed before Trump and it’s getting worse every day.

Senator Barasso, a doctor, responded to Durbin on Sunday.

Obamacare levels unprecedented taxes on middle-class Americans

“ObamaCare raise taxes on every American who uses health care in America. They put it on over-the-counter medicines, prescription medicines, medical devices that are so often used for the disabled population the most.

So, it’s been very cruel taxing on ObamaCare. But that’s what he wants to talk about. We want to eliminate all — they put the taxes on people that buy health insurance. So, anybody using the health insurance, the cost of that has actually gone up by the taxes under ObamaCare.

Obamacare is destroying choice and competition

The senator said, “ObamaCare has sabotaged the insurance market in the country to the point where now in half of the counties around the country, people are down to either zero, one, or two choices. You have over 40 counties where no one is selling ObamaCare insurance.”

Sen. Barrasso also sees Medicaid working better under more local and state control than federal

“With regard to Medicaid, I’m a doctor who took care of every Medicaid patient that there was a came to me in Casper, Wyoming. As a state legislator, I always believed we could do a much better job if we could just have control of that money and actually help more people with the same amount of money without all the Washington.”

Medicaid under Obamacare became a “dumping ground for the able-bodied,” he said.

“Well, Medicaid was set up for poor women, for children and for people with disability. ObamaCare used Medicaid as a dumping ground for able-bodied, working aged individuals. There are ways to modify Medicaid. Mike Pence, vice president, when he was governor of Indiana, did a wonderful job of that with the local control that we are asking for all across the country.”

Medicaid will continue to grow, just not for those who don’t need it.

“The growth will continue for Medicaid. We need to do it in a responsible way. But to just talk about these things as being cuts, it’s just not the case. And when they put — dump all of these additional people onto Medicaid, it made it that much harder for the poor women, children, and people with disabilities to get the treatment they need because now, more and more doctors are saying, actually a third of doctors, saying, I just can’t see any new Medicaid patients. So, ObamaCare actually made it worse for patients who were originally designed to be helped by Medicaid.”


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