WSJ Brutally Calls Out Sleepy Joe’s Iraq Lies During the Debates


In a blistering Wall Street Journal op-ed, The Editorial Board corrected sleepy Joe Biden’s memory on the Iraq War. Joe Biden’s claim during Wednesday’s debate that he only voted to go to war in Iraq so UN inspectors could enter the country, and that he opposed the war after “Shock and Awe,” is flatly untrue.

“President [George W. Bush] said he was only doing this to get inspectors in and get the U.N. to agree to put inspectors in,” Mr. Biden said. “From the moment ‘shock and awe’ started, from that moment I was opposed to the effort, and I was outspoken as much as anyone at all in the Congress and the Administration.”

The WSJ Editorial Board explained that Biden was a strong supporter of the war and worked with George W. Everyone knew what the vote was for in 2002.

Biden also boasted of leaving Iraq prematurely, but that is what opened the door for ISIS.

It was not a good move. He’s lying. It set the stage for ISIS to come in. It took five years to defeat them because of the premature withdrawal, the WSJ writes.

The Editorial Board concludes: Mr. Biden will run on his foreign-policy chops, but on Iraq, he supported the war, then turned against it when the going got tough, then opposed the 2007 Bush surge that finally won the war, then supported a withdrawal that let the enemy regroup. That isn’t a record to boast about.

These so-called leaders should just stand for what they believe in and if it is a mistake to others, it’s a mistake.

Joe is Mr. Wrong. He is wrong on foreign policy almost every time and his memory is very foggy.

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