WTH! Fresh Off Hiring Brazile, Trashing Pirro, Fox Puts Ryan on the Board


The message from Fox News appears to be they aren’t all that crazy about people to the right of a RINO. There are a lot of liberals at Fox News, but, until recently, they’ve done their best to run the network in a fair and balanced way — for lefties.

The bigger message is this is the new Fox News and it won’t be conservative.

Since Roger Ailes was canned, they’ve stopped giving air time to a lot of people, including an investigator for Judicial Watch.

And are they kidding with Jessica Tarlov — Bernie supporter, Geraldo Rivera, Marianne Marsh, and Juan Williams?

A lot of the executives are now more to the left than their predecessors. The Murdoch sons are to the left of their father and at least one has sung the praises of CNN.

LA Times reports: Fox alerted the employees whom it planned to retain in December. Disney has already identified key executives who will make the switch but must still decide in the coming days and months who will be integrated into the expanded company.

Fox chairman and CEO, Lachlan Murdoch, who is Murdoch’s oldest son, said: “We are thrilled to welcome our new colleagues to the FOX board. We look forward to working with and being guided by them as we begin a new chapter, steadfastly committed to providing the best in news, sports, and entertainment programming.”

That means Paul Ryan will help guide them.

They just hired the disgraced former DNC head and CNN analyst, Donna Brazile. Ms. Brazile looks like your sweet grandmother but she cheated and then lied repeatedly about cheating. Giving questions for a presidential debate to a candidate beforehand, as she did, is at least as bad as cheating on the SATs. It is also no secret that she hates conservatives.

On top of that, they have put the traitorous Paul Ryan on their board in time for the 2020 elections.

Ryan would not do a thing to close our borders. He betrayed the President at every turn. Why couldn’t Ryan have just joined John Boehner in the marijuana business?

Donald Trump Jr. said Fox News during the day is like MSNBC redux. While I don’t think it’s that bad, it’s bad enough if you listen to Leland Vittert or Arthel. A lot of the commentators are Democrats and it shows.

Roger Ailes was the man who gave conservatives a voice, but the authoritarians are in charge now.

The Fox News audience is about 96% Republican according to the latest polling. When they get done morphing into whatever it is they hope to become, who will watch them?

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