WTH! Jake Tapper Won’t Mention the Violent Communists by Name


It’s as crazy as this

Nazis and KKK are intolerable and despicable and nothing can put a bow on that, however, why are the violent communists who opposed them being painted as good, pure, courageous young people? Why is Jake Tapper refusing to call them out by name as he does his “investigative reporting”?

Jake Tapper reported about the attack on Taylor Lorenz, a political reporter for the hill. she was punched in the face by an Antifa man who was wanted by the police.

CNN’s Tapper, readers should know, is a former star of the far-left Salon.

Notice how in this first tweet, he ignores the elephant in the room? Can you see it? He calls out the Klan/Nazi/alt-right but ignores a violent communist group, Antifa. Another group acting violently was Black Lives Matter. They too are a hard-left group.

The other journalist he mentions, a photojournalist, was hit in the head with a stick, again, by Antifa. Tapper mentioned it but left the impression that the racists did it.

It was obviously Antifa, yet he won’t mention it.

Tapper knew it was Antifa but wouldn’t say it.

However, Jake Tapper thinks there can only be one side to this story. Commies are not a problem apparently, even though they’ve been violent for years now and hope to shut down free speech.

The wrong is more with the evil Nazi/KKK group but we can’t ignore communists who have been beating up people throughout the country.


Cartoon at the top by Antonio Branco at Net Right Daily

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