WTH! Judge Sullivan Restricted Travel, Took Mike Flynn’s Passport Away


CNBC reported that Judge Emmet Sullivan discovered for the first time today during the crazy Flynn hearing that the retired General/former National Security Adviser did not have his travel restricted. He wasn’t happy to hear Mike Flynn was free to travel.

After berating Flynn today — suggesting Flynn committed treason and sold his country out — Sullivan added insult to injury. He ordered Flynn to stay within 50 miles of Washington, D.C., beginning January 4th.

The flipping mad judge said Flynn also has to turn his passport in, adding, “To the extent the defendant wishes to travel outside that area, he is directed to file a motion seeking leave of Court.”

Sullivan did approve his already planned international travel.

What is the point of this? Flynn isn’t a flight risk. It’s just nasty and degrading.


Judge Sullivan was off the rails for a while today, mostly because he didn’t have all the information. The prosecutor was obligated to explain the case to the judge but didn’t give him key details beforehand. On the other hand, doesn’t this judge read newspapers? He didn’t know much.

The judge was trying to understand what the core case against Flynn is and he knew it wasn’t perjury.

The Mueller team didn’t mention that Flynn lobbied for Turkey before he was in the White House. Sullivan thought he was a paid lobbyist while in the White House which is why the judge thought he was a traitor. The judge also didn’t know that the only crime they could pin on Flynn for the Turkey deal was The Logan Act. Even Sullivan laughed at that.

It also should be noted that the retired general had started to fill out the paperwork that would allow him to act as a foreign agent although he never completed it.

Judge Sullivan walked back the treason comments and claimed he was only asking questions. That is not believable. Perhaps he lies too.


Sullivan ranted about the seriousness of a high-ranking public official lying, and no one is quibbling with that, however, where are these angry people when Hillary lies her butt off or when Obama and his crew lie?

Maybe lying is okay when it furthers the soft coup against the Trump administration.


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