WTH! NY Times Spreads a Terror Group’s Propaganda On Christmas Day


The New York Times trumpeted Hezbollah propaganda on Christmas Day. We kid you not! Whether they’re naive or something much worse is hard to say, but they fell for it when Hezbollah, the vicious terror group, put up a Christmas display with a burqa-clad woman taking a family snapshot and another decked out in red trotted by with her child and gifts.

They say the violent anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-Western militants were basking in holiday festivities.

Hezbollah is an Iranian-tied band of cutthroats but, the Times’ World section sent out the following tweet:

“Even Hezbollah, the Shiite political movement and militia that the United States has branded a terrorist organization, has helped ring in the season in previous years, importing a Santa to Beirut’s southern suburbs to distribute gifts.”

It’s a Shiite political movement and militia? Seriously NYT?

Media Research Center vice president Dan Gainor wrote that the Times “does the bidding of murderous Hezbollah cowards.”

The one thing many on the right and left can agree on is the media today is a corrupt hot mess.

Yes NYT, why would the mean USA brand those lovely people who want to kill us a terror group? Shame on us.

The NYT was bashed for it on Twitter as well they should be. Do the people behind the NY Slimes hate America so much that they would do the bidding of a terror group? Perhaps they are so devoid of knowledge and common sense that they believe what Hezbollah lunatics are saying.

The responses came fast, furious, and were almost unanimous.

This is a new low, even for the New York Times.

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