WTH! Obama and His Thug Unions Target Small Business


h/t Rosalie Hanson

This government wants to and does control everything you own, say, do in our homes, our offices, our roads and in our gardens from lights in our refrigerators to the potato chips we eat to the sunglasses we wear. Now they are going to force thug unions on small businesses.

The unionistas have long demanded tough regulations on businesses to keep the evil corporations in line. However, Obama is pursuing a new labor rule that will ignore big business and target small and medium-sized companies.

The “persuader” rule will force businesses to disclose whenever they hire somebody to try to convince their employees they shouldn’t unionize. Instead of “persuader”, they should call it the “bully” rule.

The administration plans to expand the disclosure to include any time managers even so much as call a lawyer for legal advice.

The rule is part of the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act passed in 1959 which was meant to prevent stealth anti-union campaigns by employers.

The rule is set for completion by December of this year. It was first proposed in 2011.

Source The Washington Examiner


  1. Sounds like Nazi Germany Brown Shirts just give up the names of the people we are targeting. We are living in very scary times.

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