WTH! Paul Ryan Is Proud of Cutting Military Pensions


Paul Ryan wrote an op-ed for USA Today yesterday. I found it stunning. Paul Ryan is pleased with himself for cutting what he says are burgeoning military pensions and for allegedly cutting the deficit.

He and his fellow Republicans took an odd time to change their platform. They will be doing another autopsy in 2014 if they don’t clarify what they stand for.


Senator Paul Ryan (R-WI)

Ryan said that they are taking a ‘small step toward fiscal discipline in Washington.’ Seriously? He raised the budget and the only cuts are cuts that may or may not happen because they rely on future administrations. It’s nonsense.

He and Murray worked out a budget that raises the deficit next year, it raises taxes and cuts military pensions. Cuts amount to about ‘$20 billion’ over the next ten years, but future cuts are meaningless.  A future generation of political elite will be able to change all that and they will.

This budget is rife with accounting tricks. The budget actually increases the deficit overall by more than $15 billion.

Plus, the supposed concession by Democrats on unemployment insurance is already being heavily contested by Democrats. There was no obligation on their part to shut up about it so they will use it to make Republicans look bad, Republicans will give in and they will still look bad when all is said and done because they fought it in the first place.

Ryan addressed the reduction to the cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) for military retirees. He said ‘the cost per device member in the active-duty force has risen ‘by 41% in inflation-adjusted dollars.’ He quoted Chuck Hagel, Obama’s mouthpiece, who said that they can no longer put off military compensation reform.

The military is the only thing Democrats are willing to cut.

If this is the case, why didn’t they do what they did for the federal workers and cut it for future employees? Better yet, why don’t they cut their own pensions instead of taking raises?

Congress people serve one term and get pensions and healthcare subsidies for life. They are hardly worth it. We have a permanent political class of elites.

Why don’t they cut the welfare payments, tax credits and college tuition grants to people here illegally? Why don’t they do something about the post office? Congress has a lot to do with that fiasco but they won’t touch it. They are losing a couple billion dollars every three months.

This is Mr. Ryan’s calculation:

Here’s what the new law will do. We make no changes for those currently at or above age 62. This reform affects only younger military retirees. Right now, any person who has served 20 years can retire —regardless of age. That means a serviceman who enlists at 18 becomes eligible for retirement at 38. The late 30s and early 40s are prime working years, and most of these younger retirees go on to second careers.

All this reform does is make a small adjustment for those younger retirees. If they retire before age 62, the annual increase in their retired pay will be 1% less than the inflation rate. In other words, their benefits will grow every year — just at a slower rate. And when the retiree hits 62, DOD will recalculate the retired pay so that it will be where it would have been if he or she had received the full inflation adjustment every year since he or she retired.

Ryan said that the money saved will stay with the defense department.

Why were military the only ones affected in this way? It’s a morale buster.

Why didn’t he demand something be done about entitlements? Those need reform, especially with Obamacare hurtling down the tracks.

Ryan said he doesn’t want to kick the can down the road, all while he kicked the can down the road, except for military pensions of course, those he didn’t want to kick down the road.

I think he hung around with Patty Murray too long.




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