WTH! Russia & Egypt Won the Most Diversity Lottery Visas


Egypt is filled with terrorists and their culture is antithetical to ours. Russians are our worst enemies according to the Democrats. Yet, these are the groups who won the most green cards in the so-called diversity lottery.

We have no idea who these winners are. It’s a lottery. Once they get here, they will bring over their entire families or fake families, whatever. We won’t know who they are either.

Thank Chuck Schumer for this diversity lottery.

According to the department, the visas were distributed among six geographic regions “with a maximum of seven percent available to persons born in any single country.”

The two countries that won most immigrant visas were Egypt and Russia, with 5,568 and 5,118 winners, respectively, of this year’s DV-2020 diversity lottery, followed by the Democratic Republic of Congo (4,743 applicants selected), Iran (4,101), Nepal (3,696) and Sudan (3,691), the Miami-Herald reported.

Iran? Sudan, Congo, Nepal??? That’s not diverse. Where are the Europeans?

We are taking in the Congo. Thousands have come in illegally and, reportedly, about 35,000 are heading up here to come in illegally. They too have cultures that do not lend themselves to assimilation.

We are getting the poorest and most uneducated. Are we really supposed to take in the world’s needy and a whole lot of criminals and terrorists? I don’t want to pay for them.

Thank a Democrat and some Republicans for this nightmare destroying our culture.

President Trump has called for this crapfest to stop but Congress is doing nothing. They don’t work for us.

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