X-Rated Hub, Your Link to Censored But True News


The Sentinel is starting a new feature which we are planning to turn into a full-fledged website. Since all things Conservative, Libertarian, Classical Liberal, and just plain American are being banned or censored, we hope to link to some of the lesser known and censored sites daily, Monday through Friday, with updates during the day.

If you have a site that needs to be added to our list of legitimate websites that verify articles and don’t engage in strange conspiracies, email us at sara@independentsentinel.com.

This is a fledgling enterprise but we need to do something to help censored viewpoints which most of America agrees with. This is still America!

This is our weekend trial run. Three of us plan to run the upcoming website if there is interest. It will likely be called ‘The Monroe Review’, but we will let you know.


RTIC Coolers Helps Yeti Coolers Commit Suicide, IJR.com


Kanye Defends His Support for Trump Because He Is “Off the Plantation


Women of #MeToo Abandon the Cause for Accused Harasser Tom Brokaw, How Soon They Forget


The mob took a scalp, time to become Kanye West


Joy Reid doesn’t think she did it, but she’s not sure, hard to say. Making up fake stories is always a challenge.

Joy Reid’s digging the grave deeper and she’s not joking around


The loons haven’t banned knives and scissors yet, but archery is sure on the chopping block.

It’s evil man! They might actually hit something.


@Jack [Dorsey, Twitter CEO] actually apologized to the feisty and amazing Candace Owens!


Democrats say election results are OUT


The year of Professor Randa Jarrar

Don’t mess with these ladies!


  1. It’s been a good long time since I wrote any Web applications and before many of the tools that are now available. I basically wrote a “plugin” of sorts on the backend that would collect data from a SCADA system and display it on a web page so I know much can be done.

    One option I heard someone mention that when an article is posted it automatically posts it to Twitter, and the way retweets work it would expand exponentially. I don’t know if the same could be done with FaceBook.

    The only thing I know about social media is the use of ‘shares’ and ‘likes’. I don’t know exactly how they work though. Tim Pool’s recent video where HE is trying to understand YouTube’s practice gives somewhat of an explanation. I’m aware that YouTube uses a ‘subscribe’ function, which is hijacked by them, so having a similar type of ‘subscribe’ function may be a possibility. It would take some Backend code to work but accomplish a similar goal, essentially a ‘subscribe portal’.

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