Yahoo Sportscaster Has a Solution for Players Who Sit Out the National Anthem


Marshawn Lynch sitting out the National Anthem

Marshawn Lynch has been sitting during the National Anthem ala Colin Kaepernick who knelt during the Anthem and is now unemployed. Lynch sits with Michael Bennett to show his disrespect for the country. Lynch said he’s been doing it for years but that’s not true. He hasn’t.

At least one liberal/leftist has a solution for all this, to satisfy the noisy minority who find fault with all things American, and it’s not one that will surprise you – get rid of the Anthem.

Yahoo! Sports’ Dan Wetzel said let’s just stop playing it.

Wetzel wants to respond to the big mouths protesting by eliminating it.

Either way, it’s all about the anthem, the anthem, the anthem.

Which begs a different question that has nothing to do with constitutional rights of some players to stand or not to stand, let alone the capitalistic right of some fans to stop supporting them, or supporting them even more, because of it.

Why play the anthem before football games, or any games, at all?

Why play the Anthem when no one cares about it says he who lives in the leftist echo chamber. He continued:

Ostensibly, it is patriotic. For many people, though, it isn’t, and not just the ones protesting. Scan the crowd during the anthem at any sporting event and you’ll see people talking to each other, looking at their phones, eating, drinking or scooting off to the bathroom.

If you aren’t patriotic and don’t feel anything for your country, the Anthem is easy to give up.

Let’s all surrender and give the naysayers and dreary hand wringers their way. Why fight? After all, no one cares anyway?

It’s not only patriotism and love of country driving the playing of the Anthem, it’s about tradition. That’s something some people don’t understand.

This must be what the Romans did before the Visigoths moved in and took over – they let the liberals decide.


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