Yale Holds Black Panthers Party Glorifying Those Who Hoped to Destroy America


Black Panthers circa 1969, raising the clenched communist fist.

The Afro-American Cultural Center at Yale University is celebrating Black History month with their own “Black Panther Party.”

The goal of the “Party” is to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Black Panther Party, a black nationalist Communist party that used crime, even murder, as a means to an end. The left calls it “black activism”.

Yale University catered to these criminals once before, decades ago. In 1970, the sensational “Black Panther Trialstook place in New Haven, CT, where Yale is located. Nine Black Panthers were tried on various charges related to the murder of a teenage boy believed to have been an FBI informant.  During the sensational trials, Black Panther members and supporters were hosted in Yale dorms and given free meals in Yale’s dining halls. Hillary Clinton monitored their trials for civil rights violations. She was a Marxist radical.

The party at Yale this month is to commemorate the struggle and “the history and legacy of the Black Panther Party” during Black History Month. The students will share that knowledge at a session also scheduled during February.

The knowledge they will share will not reflect the truth. A truly evil organization – domestic terrorists – are to be held up to youth as heroes.

Black Panthers are not heroes but the left is very good at altering history and is making them into exactly that.

My firefighter relatives had to duck Black Panther fire fights with police as they drove out of the fire house in the South Bronx. They were lawless and violent.

On one is better at explaining who these people are then a former communist who worked with the Black Panthers — David Horowitz.

David Horowitz is a well-known conservative writer and researcher. He started out as a 1960’s communist radical. He was a red diaper baby who became a conservative.

Mr. Horowitz’s conversion came when he discovered his “friends” in the Black Panther Party had murdered another friend he sent to help them with their bookkeeping. The torture and murder of Betty Van Patter was so traumatic for Horowitze that it took him ten years to recover.

He recovered as a conservative who is fighting a lonely and courageous battle.

One of those who is believed responsible for Betty Van Patter’s murder, according to Mr. Horowitz, is a vicious ex-Panther named Elaine Brown. She now lives in Atlanta and has become a public speaker. She lectures college youth and plays the black victim card. She is still the same person she was when she murdered Betty Van Pater and the fact that she is free is a paradox of American justice.

Horowitz quotes Elaine Brown: “Faith was all there was, if I did not believe in the ultimate rightness of our goals and our party then what we did, what Huey was doing, what he was, what I was, was horrible.”

Quite a remarkable statement. The end justifies the means is implicit in what she clearly thinks is a type of religion that allows monstrous acts for the cause as they see it.

Mr. Horowitz’s departure from the communist party also led to his alienation, at age 35, from lifelong friends and a complete shunning by some in the media who were once his most ardent supporters, before his change of heart.

In the end, he came to the conclusion that the ideology of the left must always end in totalitarianism and violence.

We now glorify these same people and pretend they weren’t criminals.

Formed in the 1960s in Oakland, CA to help improve standards of living in the black community, the group quickly became involved in violent conflict with Oakland police. The FBI has long considered the Black Panthers an “extremist” organization, characterized by their embrace of guerrilla and military-style tactics in pursuit of their agenda.

They’ve also embraced robbery and extortion to finance their operation. They’ve kidnapped, tortured and murdered.

According to its own membership, the group engaged in everything from food banks and free grocery programs to the violent engagement of law enforcement. They were evil communists and criminals and now they are being extolled as fighters for the rights of black people.

None of what they did was about helping people, it was about destroying America. It still is.


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