Yay! Controlled Bathroom Breaks Courtesy of Common Core


Raising the bar and looking for agreement on common standards, which is how Common Core was sold to us, was a good idea. Unfortunately, Common Core has become something quite different. It is a one-size-fits-all plan for every child in the nation.

People on the right say Common Core testing, which many on the left also dislike, will have the effect of nationalizing education.

There are those on the far-left, many of whom are involved in test development, educational technology, and book publishing, who have hijacked it to use it as a vehicle to spread their biased-left thought far-and-wide.

Some on the left don’t like Common Core either because it threatens teacher tenure by tying the evaluations of teachers to the testing.

For every child, it threatens to invade every possible area of their education from morning until night.

In a bizarre overreach, the Chicago Schools now have Common Core bathroom break rules such as mandating the use of timers with 5-minute limits and making the children sign in and out. They’re micromanaging bathroom breaks?!?! When will people rise up?


Check it out on this video:

video seen first at noisy room blog

Two legal experts with The Cardinal Newman Society have issued reports exploring the many ways in which the very secular Common Core will damage or destroy the Catholic identity. Read about that on this link.

Catholics, along with Evangelicals and Mormons, are on the terrorist list that was given out to the military so destroying religious identity as a possible effect shouldn’t be surprising.

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