Yazidis Throw Children Off Mountaintop to Keep Them From ISIS


President Obama has finally taken some action on an issue not involving the fundamental transformation of the U.S. He has had food and water dropped on to the Iraqi mountaintops where as many as 40,000 Yazidi families have fled and where they have been dying from thirst since the weekend while surrounded by the ISIS army laying in wait.

Mr. Obama has approved some targeted bombing to help the Iraqi army and the Kurds. U.S. military aircraft took out ISIS artillery near Irbil that was used against Kurdish forces.

One thing is for certain, whatever Mr. Obama does, it will be too little too late. Even Bob Schieffer, a loyal CBS Obama acolyte, said that Mr. Obama had no choice on this. He had to do something.

The situation is so desperate that parents have been throwing their children off the mountaintops so they won’t be taken by ISIS and so they won’t have to die of thirst or hunger.

The Yazidis on the mountain are surrounded by ISIS who have sworn genocide against them because they said the Yazidis are devil worshippers though of course it’s not the case. Yazidis believe in one God who is represented by seven angels. One Archangel, Yazidis believe rules the earth, which ISIS believes is devil worship.

ISIS will kill anyone who does not follow their religion.

Al Jazeera spoke with Khalaf Qassim who is one of the tens of thousands who fled the predominantly Yazidi area of Sinjar, in Iraq’s western Nineveh province, after Islamic State fighters overtook the area on Sunday.

He showed Al Jazeera the text message he received from ISIS on his cell phone. He said the message came from a member of the Islamic State group on Friday.

“Where are you going to go? I swear [to] God I will cut you into pieces… We are coming for you, you pig, you enemy of God. Didn’t I tell you yesterday to come and repent?”

Qassim had to leave behind 3,000 tons of wheat and barley.

Report from the Assyrian Aid Society on August 7:

It is a tragic situation, nobody can imagine how terrible it is, as much as I write to you and send you reports it will not be enough to describe the suffering of people.

For Zummar and Sinjar: they are under Da’esh control, thousands of Yazidis died in the last two days, they are facing a real genocide. Till yesterday (45) children died of thirst. Some families throw their children from the top of Sinjar mountain in order not to see them die from hunger or thirst, or not to be taken by the terrorists. (1500) men were killed in front of their wives and families, (50) old men died also from thirst and illness. More than (70) girls and women (including Christians) were taken, raped and being captured and sold. More than (100) families are captured in Tel afar airport.

There is about (50) Christian families in Sinjar. The terrorists were able to control the Syriac church there and cover the Cross with their black banner. Till now we do not know anything about those Christian families.

There are reports that some Yazidis have been rescued from the mountain.

Washington Post reported that senior leaders in the Yazidi community say their wives and daughters are being held by Islamic militants and are being told to “convert to Islam and marry jihadists — or else.”

Mirza Dinnayi, a senior Yazidi leader and a former adviser on minority affairs to the Iraqi president, said he has spoken on the phone with several women who cry out to him: “I love my husband; my faith is Yazidi.”

The 81-year old leader of the community Prince Tahseen Said has never seen a worse massacre against his people in his lifetime and has implored the internationals community for help.

Targeted in 2007

Yazidis have been targeted before. They were targeted in 2007 by extremists forces.