Yelling, Loco Geraldo Blames US for Invaders & Their Bad Behavior


Jesse Waters opened up the segment discussing the viral image of a woman and her young children running from the tear gas after she tried to come into the U.S. illegally. The migrants had been throwing rocks and bottles at the Border agents.

The women who dragged these children 2700 miles through the most dangerous territory in the world with criminals.


Waters asked Rivera if he felt it was honest for the media to be using that photo to tell the story of what really took place.

By every definition of the term, this is an invasion. Geraldo kept screaming that it was not an invasion, we destabilized the government, and they are in our hemisphere. In other words, we owe them.

“I refuse to deal with this as a media issue, because it’s far too important, with all due respect, Jesse. This is something that goes to my soul. Fulfilling my role as the designated piñata on Fox News, I wanna say I am ashamed,” Rivera declared angrily and loudly.

“This teargas choked me,” he screamed. “We treat these people, these economic refugees as if they’re zombies from The Walking Dead. We arrested 42 people, eight of them were women with children! We have to deal with this problem humanely and with compassion! These are not invaders! Stop using these military analogies. This is absolutely painful to watch!”

It’s a mystery why they keep saying the invaders are all good people. How do we know that? Being poor doesn’t make them good. We need an orderly, lawful system of immigration. These people were attacking our agents and if they were successful, another 5,000 were ready to descend on the small contingent of agents. In fact, 5,000 are coming across our borders each week.


“We are a nation of immigrants,” he yelled. “These are desperate people. They walked 2,000 miles. Why? Because they want to rape your daughter or steal your lunch? No! Because they want a job! They want to fill the millions of unfilled jobs we have in the agricultural sector. They want to wash dishes in the restaurants. They wanna deliver the pizzas. For goodness sake, can’t we suspend our humanity when it comes to this issue? And I fear that it is because they look different than the mainstream.”

They didn’t walk 2,000 miles, they were bussed and trucked much of the way. We also have no way of knowing if these are good people. We know they are violent, have been violent in Mexico and violent trying to get into the USA.

If we let them all come in at will, we will eventually look like Guatemala.

We need borders but open borders Geraldo is taking the furthest left mantra. He claims Latin Americans were screwed by us. Another hate America leftist.


Rivera said “George W. Bush had the tone that this president could and should have on this issue,” and said that ‘these people aren’t murderers and hardened criminals… where do we get these facts from?”In conclusion, Rivera declared, “I just want people to know that every survey indicates that these people commit fewer crimes than citizens. When they move into a neighborhood, the neighborhood becomes safer – not more dangerous. That’s a fact.”

That isn’t the fact. Those statistics are not accurate. We want them to come in, but to come in illegally. They aren’t more peaceful. We have drug cartels in almost every city, an opioid crisis thanks in part to drugs coming through the border, and we have horrible gangs like the Maras and MS-13.

George Bush let everyone stay who sneaked in. On this issue, George was a Democrat. Barack Obama used tear gas at the border once a month. It was barely spoken of and open borders Geraldo never complained about the tear gas.

Where is the compassion for the citizens?

As Bill O’Reilly said last night on his podcast, they are invaders by every standard.

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