Yellow Journalist Jennifer Rubin Wants Sarah Sanders Blacklisted from Future Jobs


Fake Conservative Jennifer Rubin, a Washington Post columnist and never Trumper, ripped into White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Sunday. Rubin wants her to be blacklisted from future jobs. She doesn’t want to see her hired anywhere after she leaves her job as press secretary.

Rubin, who is a member of the Goebbels media, said Mrs. Sanders makes misleading claims.

“Sarah Huckabee Sanders is so concerned that people aren’t nice to her,” Rubin told MSNBC’s far-left liar Joy Reid on “AM Joy.” “And people like me think that – not that she should be harassed – but that she should be shunned. The reason is that she lies”.


“She attacks our free press and no respectable employer should hire her after this term,” Rubin continued. “Also, no university and no news outlet. She has lied and she has endangered the lives of reporters and that’s why she should be shunned. Not harassed – shunned.”

This is a member of the press who called for Mrs. Sanders to be harassed for life not too long ago.

The press may be free but it is extremely biased, especially The Washington Post. They don’t even try to report the news, they go right to yellow journalism.

Rubin is angry that Mrs. Sanders wouldn’t answer Jim Acosta’s question, namely, does she, Sarah Sanders, think the press is the enemy of the people.

Her job is not to offer opinions.

Besides, the President said the FAKE press is the enemy of the people, but the media insists on lying about that.

Unfortunately, a lot of outlets are fake.

“We don’t have to put it [the press briefing] on television, we don’t have to put it on television live,” Rubin suggested on Sunday. “If by some chance she utters some morsel of accurate information it could be fact-checked and related to the audience. The same thing with the rallies – no reason to put them on live television.”

She is echoing what Fox political editor Chris Stirewalt said a couple days ago. He too is a never Trumper.

After Mrs. Sanders was chased out of a Virginia restaurant for working for the President, Rubin said she deserves a life sentence of harassment.

Rubin has called Trump an “arrogant fool” and a “flat-out racist”. He’s neither, but many in the media are arrogant fools.

Rubin declared earlier this week that the GOP “isn’t fit to govern”.

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