Yesterday’s Firing Could Be a Precursor to a Clinton Prosecution


FBI Director James Comey was ostensibly fired by the president for his handling of the Hillary Clinton email scandal. There is obviously more to this story that has yet to come out. One possible outcome is the re-opening of the Clinton private server scandal.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein wrote in his memo recommending Comey be fired, that the FBI director “was wrong to usurp the Attorney General’s authority on July 5, 2016, and announce his conclusion that [the Clinton email case] be closed without prosecution. It is not the function of the Director to make such an announcement.”

On the day Comey laid out the case for prosecuting Hillary Clinton, he said there was no proof of intent on her part and a recommendation for prosecution would not be sent to the Attorney General.

Comey decided to cross the line, concluding — clearly beyond his reach — “that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.” It was not his job to make that decision, and as Rosenstein said in his letter, he usurped the Attorney General’s role.

Rosenstein’s memo cited multiple former top Justice Department officials, from Democratic and Republican administrations, who agreed with his conclusion that Comey had departed from long-standing DOJ tradition.

Comey also gave testimony before Congress Tuesday that made him look pathetic. He made egregious errors that he was in the process of correcting when he was fired.

Undoubtedly, there were other reasons for his firing that will likely come out, but the media, Democrat politicians and some liberal Republicans are questioning the motive for the firing because they want the public to believe Trump is covering up the Russia investigation.

Rush Limbaugh had an interesting take Wednesday. He said Trump saved Hillary’s honor by firing Comey for his mistreatment of her during that press conference. He gave her complaints – that Comey cost her the election – some credibility. Comey basically lined up all the reasons for convicting her in a forum where she could not defend herself.

If that is true, Hillary Clinton must be feeling badly today because Democrats aren’t seizing on this to say Hillary did lose the election because of Jim Comey.

There is another possibility. The case can now be made for re-opening the Clinton and the Abedin-Weiner cases. The way has been cleared.

Will Justice Department prosecutors finally pick up the Clinton email investigation where the FBI left off last year and make a determination on whether to prosecute Hillary Clinton and her associates, based on the evidence FBI investigators gathered?

Was Rosenstein’s letter the precursor? Rosenstein obviously believes the Attorney General should have reviewed the case and made the decision to indict or not to indict.

Clearly intent wasn’t Comey’s judgement to make. Ignorance is no defense under the law.

There is also the question as to what happened to the Inspector General’s investigation. In January, the Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General announced it will launch an internal probe on the Federal Bureau of Investigation handling of Hillary Clinton email investigation, according to The Wall Street Journal Opens a New Window.

The deputy director of the FBI Andrew McCabe is also being investigated. Among the aspects that the office said it would review were “allegations that the FBI deputy director should have been recused from participating in certain investigative matters.”

McCabe’s wife was running for office as a Democrat with funding from Democrats and Clinton-allies while he was investigating the Clinton case.

We don’t know what information the DoJ has collected in these investigations and what else might have transpired.

The email scandal is only one of Hillary’s problems. The Clinton Foundation investigation and the investigation into the Podesta ties to Russia are allegedly ongoing.

It could be one of the reasons Democrats are hysterical over Comey’s firing. They certainly want to use the firing to hurt Trump and keep the Russia conspiracy alive, but re-opening the Clinton case could be another concern. They like to take the offensive to fend off the opposition.

There is another wrinkle. A congressman asked the DoJ to prosecute the computer company that handled the Clinton server.

The Washington Free Beacon reported: Rep. Lamar Smith (R., Texas), chairman of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee, has asked the DOJ to prosecute Platte River Networks CEO Treve Suazo for obstructing a congressional investigation into his company’s role in providing security for Clinton’s home brewed email server, which began the subject of widespread debate following revelations that it had multiple security vulnerabilities.

The letter from Rod Rosenstein could be only the beginning of problems for Hillary Clinton, her allies, and the Democrat Party.

Remember when Senator Cruz got Clapper to admit Hillary deserved prosecution?

On the campaign trail, Trump did say he would appoint a special prosecutor to review her case though he seemed to take it back once in office. Given the assault he’s taking from the left, it would be a good idea to go on the offensive. The original sin is Hillary’s.

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