Yikes, I’m being sued!


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Having felt the sting of trying to live with less (like most of us), the New York State Teacher Union Leaders find they can’t hack it. So they decide to take the N.Y. taxpayers to court. The object of their wrath, the 2% property tax cap (which over half the States have in place, and have made to work).

Let us recap for a moment what the reasons for imposing the tax cap were:

 1) New York has the highest local taxes in America — 78 percent above the national average. The State comptroller has reported that property taxes rose 73 percent from 1998 to 2008,  – – more than twice the inflation rate.

 2) Massachusetts, which has long had a tax cap, spends $4,000 less per student per year than New York’s $17,000 average,  – – and yet the Bay State boasts some of the nation’s finest schools.

 3) Property taxes are the largest tax on business in New York State. – – Property-tax relief is an overwhelming priority for the State’s small businesses, – – which, by the way produce most of our new jobs.

 4) Not to make light of the burden of our upstate brethren, but those living in Suffolk County pay an average annual tax bill of7,361 dollars, a figure nearly double the median State tax bill of 3,755 dollars.

 5) According to a Siena Poll, Three Quarters of New Yorkers say property taxes are too high and supported a property tax cap.

I ask all responsible teachers to join their tax paying brethren and demand their leaders cease this unfair attack on us. Spend the money, which will be expended on this court case, to the true benefit of their responsible members and more importantly our children.


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