NY’s Governor Andrew Cuomo Offers “Free” College at Taxpayer Expense


Governor Cuomo, file photo

In New York, to now get the “free” four-year college education at a public facility, you have to only be a resident for one year and you have to remain in the state one year for every “free” year of schooling. It’s similar to indentured servitude. My ancestors who came over with the Dutch East India company were in a similar position.

There is also a minimal grade point average that must be maintained and the family has to make under $100,000 a year.

So my son, who makes $110,000 has to send his kids to school, paying the full freight while he gets to pay for other peoples’ children, including those of illegal aliens.

To make this all happen, all New Yorkers get to pay for other peoples’ education. People who make under $100,000 per year, but can’t take advantage of the “free” college, have to pay for it for others.

Expect colleges to let their professors’ salaries and their tuitions run amok because the taxpayer purse has no bottom.

If students default, and many do, the taxpayer gets to pay for that too and, pretty soon, that $163 million a year multiplies exponentially.

Private universities become an endangered species and the government gets more control over education under this government expansion. However, Cuomo is going to give them a bit more funding also – at taxpayer expense.

It’s simply more big government with no foresight. There will be no controls over rising costs. The colleges can keep on raising fees, tuition, salaries, luxury items.

People who don’t belong in college and would be better off cultivating vocational skills will be compelled to go to a four-year university. They can take any courses they want with no expectation of a job at the end of the four years.

New York City residents are thrilled. People who live on Long Island or upstate really have no say and are at the mercy of the city leftists.

Cuomo buys votes with taxpayer money and spending won’t get any better. Hillary stood with Cuomo to congratulate him for making this foolish move.

A “free” education becomes a right and the entitled won’t appreciate it.


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