Yorktown IT Girl Says She Won’t Shake the President’s Hand


The childish Socialist Alexandria OMao-Cortez will attend the President’s State of the Union, but won’t be courteous and shake his hand.

Do you know what commie IT girl? Stay home.

A TMZ cameraman asked Ocasio-Cortez about Trump wanting to give the State of the Union during a shutdown.

“I think that if he reopens the government and gives people their paychecks, then we’ll be able to pay people to help run the State of the Union,” Ocommie-Cortez said.

The TMZ cameraman then asked [AOC] Cortez if she would shake Trump’s hand at the State of the Union.

“You know, probably not my hand, but I’ll be there, and I’ll be present to see and listen to what’s going on,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

That’s what Adam Sorkin meant when he said he wished this new crop of [Communist/Socialist] Dems would stop acting young.



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4 years ago

When Ocasio-Cortez was asked for her thoughts on ROE vs WADE, her response was “that is the only 2 ways immigrants can cross the Rio-Grande” ……….HA HA HA, just a good joke about her, but she does come up with some really stupid comments on issues.