You Anti-Establishment People Might Want to Listen to This-Libertarians, Conservatives


My own personal journey took me from the Democrat party to the Independent party to establishment Republican and now I’m anti-establishment. I’m not really a Trump supporter but I fully embrace the anti-establishment movement that has taken over about 65% of the Republican party.

Unfortunately, if the party blows up, a Marxist will win again and will drive us further into the socialist mud. We keep hearing about Trump blowing up the party but Trump is merely a vote against the Establishment. He’s a symbol who speaks for many people, though too harshly for some. The Establishment is a bigger worry when it comes to blowing up the party. They might do it if Trump is the peoples’ choice.

Below, I paraphrase Laura Ingraham’s interview of Pat Buchanan Tuesday but included the clip. It was an interesting segment.

The segment pretty much covers the views of many.

We’re going to get more of the bloody horror of ISIS, Pat Buchanan said, because of the publicity they got.

The Establishment – the elites – which includes the Democrats, the liberals, and the DHS wouldn’t even look at social media because they didn’t want to intrude on their privacy, Ingraham said.

Buchanan said it is the elites of the country who did not secure the borders, got us into all these wars, react viscerally and in politically correct ways whenever anyone offers an opinion. Maybe we do need a temporary halt to immigration…look at the system… fix up the system that let that woman (the terror wife) into the country; it’s simple common sense.

The votes for Trump are votes against the Establishment and what it produced and the Establishment are incapable of learning, they both agreed.

Open borders, global interventionism, trade deals, globalism, Ingraham said, is so important to them that “they will not compromise with their own voters”.

Buchanan said when you pass these trade deals and the Chinese are making salaries that are a small fraction of what American workers make, manufacturing will go overseas. He was told two decades ago that he was wrong and you can’t do that. He was told global free trade is outstanding. Now 25 years later, “the returns are in, they lost 6 million jobs”, Buchanan continued laughing.

Lost are manufacturing jobs in the first decade of 2000, 55,000 factories, this is what happened, and yet they continue, he said. “Now, look at what McConnell is doing. He’s saying we can’t have a vote on TPP until after the election; that means the people don’t want it, the party does want it, what we’ll tell them we’re going to do is we’re really going to look at it, and after the election, we’ll tell our donor base we can do it now.”

“They’re going to do it in the lame duck session unless the people rise up,” Ingraham said.

They discussed Trump’s statements about keeping Muslims out of the country and all the caterwauling after..Ryan gets up and reads his statement…’it’s not who we are, this is not the America I know,’ and I responded by saying, “well, is it the America we know by spending over two trillion dollars in the Middle East only to destabilize it. Is it the America I know to tell the people you’re horrible racists and xenophobes if you want the border shut down or…is that America, Paul?,” Ingraham asked.

Buchanan said, with all due respect he’s reading out of the liberal playbook, responding to the liberal media which loves him. All we go back to is the ‘American liberalism catechism’. They cannot entertain the idea that “open borders and endless immigration may have become problematic in our current situation” and, Lincoln said as a situation becomes anew, we have to act anew, but they are incapable of learning and acting anew in Buchanan’s judgement.

Ingraham is disgusted about what has happened to the average person under this administration. Traditions are called biased, foreign workers are taking jobs…

She asked Buchanan if Cruz should follow the Establishment’s recommendations to go after Trump. Buchanan said Cruz’s strategy has worked exceedingly well by staying out of fights with Trump and Carson. He should not go after Trump. The Establishment would love the two to kill each other.

You don’t want to be the guy who has his fingerprints on the weapon that kills Trump, Buchanan said with a laugh. The Establishment is the enemy. Trump and Cruz have an overlap in their constituencies. Cruz is in the catbird seat.

The end of this clip is funny. The Establishment wants to kill Trump at all costs and the two describe the five stages of grief the Establishment is going through. They do conclude the GOP cannot change their ways. They go after the results when the GOP destroyed Goldwater – they destroyed themselves. Nixon was the wise one, he had been trying to destroy Goldwater, and when Goldwater survived, he campaigned for him, and he was the winner. Nixon “had an infinite capacity for maneuver”, Buchanan laughed.

Trump is the grinch who destroyed Christmas for the globalists.






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