You Are Making a “Smart Investment” in a Railroad in Oahu!


taxpayers being railroaded

I am so grateful to our administration for spending China’s money on a 20-mile railroad with 21 stops on the 30-mile island of Oahu.

The purpose of the train is to alleviate the heavy congestion in Honolulu. I’m sure everyone will give up their cars immediately so they can ride this train.

Maybe a “smart investment” in more bike lanes would have been better since the train will cost $1.8 billion in federal tax dollars when all is said and done.

CNS News reported on this expenditure of federal funds (while we have a $16 trillion dollar plus deficit).

How are we paying for this? Because we can’t add a single dime to the deficit!

From SOTU:

I think we have heard that before…before we added $6 trillion to our debt.