You Are Not Allowed to Use the Words ‘Illegal Immigrants’


“No human being is illegal,” a guardianUK article tells us and it is that phrase they want inculcated in our minds. If we don’t accept that, we are racists. They want us to believe it’s an inaccurate term. They are aliens or immigrants and they are here illegally, but we are no longer allowed to call them illegal immigrants or illegal aliens.

“We don’t call pedestrians who cross in the middle of the road illegal pedestrians,” said Otto Santa Ana, a linguist and professor in UCLA’s Department of Chicana/o Studies. “A kid who skips school to go to Disneyland is not an illegal student. And yet that’s a sort of parallel.”

People coming into our country illegally are like jaywalkers or truants in Disneyland? Really?

Santa Ana is among many linguists who argue that the phrase “illegal immigrants” is neither “accurate nor neutral”.

Immigration activist and journalist José Antonio Vargas recently asked Hillary to pledge to stop using the phrase “illegal immigrant”.

She used the term in the past but now says it’s “poor choice of words” and committed to banishing the term from her lexicon.

“As I’ve said throughout this campaign, the people at the heart of this issue are children, parents, families, DREAMers,” she wrote. “They have names, and hopes and dreams that deserve to be respected.”

“I am here illegally, without legal status, without authorization. Those are facts,” Vargas, who came to the US from the Philippines as a child, told the Guardian. “I as a person am not illegal because people can’t be illegal. Calling people illegal is not only factually inaccurate, it’s journalistically irresponsible.”

It’s so frustrating to be told by people here illegally what we are allowed to call them, but at the heart of this semantic wordplay is a deliberate plan to redefine illegal immigration and open borders. The left sees immigration and illegal immigration as one and the same.

For all intents and purposes, at the present time, we don’t have a border and we are not a country.

Vargas likes to hashtag #words matter and do they ever.

How dare he change our vocabulary.

Former incompetent Maryland governor Martin O’Malley, who gives the word “wimp” new meaning, has said, “I have always called immigrants New Americans because that is what they are,” he said, taking the pledge. “Words matter and remembering that we were all once strangers in a strange land and that the US is made better in every generation by the arrival of New Americans is central to my campaign.”

No, they’re not New Americans, they’re illegal immigrants or illegal aliens whichever you prefer.

Professor Jose Luis Benavides says the GOP gives a safe space for racist undertones against “undocumented immigrants.”

We know what other countries do to people who go into their country illegally. Can you imagine an American going into Mexico for example and demanding government benefits and telling them what they are allowed to call them?

This is insanity. There is also a push to stop calling felons what they are and criminals criminals. They don’t want us to call things what they are.

The article goes on to insult Trump and Bush, accusing them of using the allegedly derogatory term “anchor babies.”

Benavides said that for many Americans, “illegal immigrant” is synonymous with Mexican, and specifically someone who crossed the US’s southern border unlawfully. He then goes on to say it’s not accurate.

Yes Benavides, we know and you are condescending.

“The words that the candidates use frame the political conversation,” Benavides said. “Using dehumanizing language then makes it easier for people to justify dangerous policies against a particularly group. Words really do matter.”

Calling someone who is in this country illegally an illegal immigrant or alien is not racist, it’s not dehumanizing, it’s the truth and it’s an accurate framing of the situation.

If we let the left convince us that descriptive words are racist and that we have to conceal the truth as they do, we are done for. We are almost done for now.

Beyond being inaccurate, the current vocabulary used to describe immigrants is polarizing, with politicians on the right preferring “illegal” and those on the left opting for “undocumented”, Santa Ana said. Instead, he advocates for “unauthorized”, which he says “underscores that they should not be here without highlighting criminality”, or simply describing the person’s immigration.

Save us from these subversives because that is what they are and they do not have America’s interests at heart but they are effective. The media is kowtowing as are the youth.

It’s not offensive language as they would have us believe, they’re offensive and they’re twisting of reality is offensive. They’re insulting our intelligence is offensive. They’re eliminating our borders is offensive.



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