You Can Be a Tomato If You Want, Just Don’t Force Me to Call You a Tomato



The new PC language requirements on some college campuses and elsewhere require others to accept and to become a part of an ideological or even a delusional construct. It changes how we are allowed to think about things. It’s not freedom, it’s enslavement to leftist ideology and to falsehoods.

Freedom of Speech is the cornerstone of freedom and political correctness is a direct threat to it.

You can call yourself a tomato for all I care, just don’t expect me to call you a tomato though I will always be nice to people who think they are tomatoes.

At the University of Tennessee, students and professors are advised to change their pronoun usage for any person who doesn’t identify as male or female. These are people who are not undergoing sex-reassignment surgery.

It’s akin to the idea that Shaun King and Rachel Dolezal can be black if they wake up one day and say they are.

American Heritage defines political correctness as “Showing an effort to make broad social and political changes to redress injustices caused by prejudice. It often involves changing or avoiding language that might offend anyone, especially with respect to gender, race, or ethnic background.”

Who decides what is an injustice or an offense? Does one’s perceived injustice trump another’s right to free speech and to express the truth? Politically correct speech being forced on people endangers the right to free speech by distorting truth.

It makes telling the truth punishable. It also changes the meaning of things.

For example, Card Check is the PC term for a union rule that would require people to give up their American right to a secret ballot in voting for or against unionization. Using the term “sexual assault” in lieu of “rape” is unclear and actually minimizes the crime. For some it’s not PC to fly the American flag or say America is the land of opportunity and for others, being referred to as male or female is rude. Where does it end and how will we ever speak the truth?

The University of Tennessee’s Office for Diversity and Inclusion Pride Center Director, Donna Braquet, wrote in a column that students and professors should ask each other what pronouns they use. Students who do not think they are men or women might want to be called gender-neutral pronouns like “ze, hir, hirs, and xe, xem, xyr”.

“These may sound a little funny at first, but only because they are new,” Braquet wrote. “The more we make sharing of pronouns a universal practice, the more inclusive we will be as a campus.”

“We should not assume someone’s gender by their appearance, nor by what is listed on a roster or in student information systems,” wrote Donna Braquet.

Hello! Yes we should.

This is actually divisive, not inclusive. It’s forcing people to use PC language representing a certain leftist ideological concept.

It also could be promoting mental illness in some people who need help and not more encouragement.

Pronoun chart.

pronoun chart

After the story went viral, the university said in a statement that there is no official policy that mandates the use of gender-neutral pronouns. It’s a “resource” for “inclusive practices.”

If someone thinks they’re a Martian or a Rottweiler, are there pronouns for that?

How about a policy that accepts we were born female or male and the small number of people who think they are neither accommodate the language to be more inclusive?

State and some federal lawmakers reacted with outrage and are fighting back. Finally!

Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey
Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey

Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey said on Facebook that the post was “the clearest example of political correctness run amok that I have seen in quite some time.”

Ramsey, a Republican, said he expected the General Assembly to “weigh in on the issue” in January if UT doesn’t “take quick action” first.

State Sen. Bo Watson, a Republican, suggested that the Senate Education and Government Operations committees should “investigate and review” the issue.

“I find it difficult to believe that such a ridiculous suggestion as gender-neutral pronouns would be published on a university website without leadership’s approval,” Watson said. “Tennessee taxpayers should not expect to be paying for this kind of stuff.”

“To me, it suggests a lack of institutional control, and I believe the Senate Education and Government Operations committees should investigate and review,” added Watson, calling the matter “ridiculous.” State taxpayers, he said, “should not expect to be paying for this kind of stuff.”

U.S. Rep. John J. Duncan, a UT graduate and Republican who represents the Knoxville area, wrote on Facebook that he is “personally embarrassed by this stupid revision of personal pronouns by someone who obviously had too much time on his or her hands.”

“This was a ridiculous overreaction to the dictates of political correctness and has made UT a laughingstock across the nation,” Duncan said.

Where are the Democrats? Promoting delusions?

Family Action Council of Tennessee President David Fowler, a former Republican state senator from Signal Mountain, is urging religious conservatives to phone their objections directly to UT system President Joe DiPietro’s office.

“‘NeUTer’ UT’s Political Correctness,” says an online letter from Fowler, who also wants people to email lawmakers. “This is not just some crazy thing that will pass. It reflects the new worldview running higher education in Tennessee, namely the view that there are no differences between men and women and that sex is not binary based on x and y chromosomes, but some kaleidoscope of variations imagined in one’s head.”

After lawmakers reacted, Margie Nichols, UT-Knoxville vice chancellor of communications, said “And once again, this is not a policy or a mandate. We are not changing how we do things. … This was only a piece of information to be viewed as educational.”

Ms. Nichols doesn’t seem to understand the weight this “piece of information” holds. It makes people feel guilty or somehow bigoted if they don’t accept and respond in a way leftists find acceptable.


In another case in St. Louis involving a boy who is pretending to be a girl (transgender) and is demanding that he use the girls’ restroom, some students protested and the reversed-biased media wrote the following using the PC pronoun “she” to refer to the boy:

[kmov4] More than 150 students walked out of Hillsboro High School [St. Louis] over a dispute about the use of the girl’s locker room by a transgender student.

The walkout lasted for about two hours. Roughly 30-40 people showed support for senior Lila Perry, who wants to use the girls’ locker room during gym class. Perry was born a male but said she has identified as a female since 13.

“There’s a lot of ignorance, they are claiming that they’re uncomfortable. I don’t believe for a second that they are. I think this is pure and simple bigotry,” said Perry.

This isn’t a boy who is undergoing any type of sex change physically.

Common sense needs to prevail. Girls don’t want boys in the girl’s room.

We have governments refusing to use the words “husband” and “wife” and “male” and “female” to accommodate very few people while the majority are being forced into PC language and ideology.

The UT students react in this video via young America’s Foundation:

Source: The Tennessean