You Can Count on Tim Kaine to Protect Your Gun Rights Unless the Wind Blows



The Washington Post documented Kaine’s changing views on the Second Amendment. His views appear to blow with the political winds. He went from running for office as a strong Second Amendment supporter to discovering there isn’t a gun control law he doesn’t like.

When Kaine entered politics in Richmond in 1994, first as a city council member and then as mayor, the city was inundated with crack cocaine and it had the second-highest homicide rate in the country. His support for gun control was popular so that’s the direction he moved in.

Then he ran for lieutenant governor and convinced rural Virginia voters that he wasn’t too liberal, he was an outdoorsman. In 2005, he ran for governor as a strong Second Amendment proponent who “will not propose any new gun laws.”

After the Virginia Tech shooting, Kaine found it advantageous to favor gun control.

His pledge to not pass more gun laws went by the wayside and he pushed for a state law requiring background checks on sales at gun shows.

The Virginia Tech shooter bought his guns from licensed dealers, not at gun shows.

When he ran against former governor George Allen, a Republican and vocal gun rights advocate with an “A” rating from the NRA, Kaine avoided mentioning guns.

He ran through to victory because Obama was at the top of the ticket.

He now brags about his “F” rating with the NRA.

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