You Can’t Be Phil Robertson But You Can Be A Drugged-Out Exhibitionist


A&E, which so rapidly put Phil Robertson to the curb, is a subsidiary of the Hearst Corporation and Disney-ABC television group.

Ironically, A&E is called a ‘cultural channel,’ but apparently it’s only some cultures. It can’t be cultures they don’t like. That alone is pure hypocrisy but they are not to be outdone by their owners.

The hypocrisy of a Disney-subsidiary dumping Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty is most glaring when it comes to the Gay Week which they facilitate – but not sanction – the first week of June each year. An event that was once a nice idea has debauched into a spectacle. Disney just turns a blind eye to it and pretends it’s under control.

Disney also cashes in. They have merchandise throughout the park with designs including rainbows, symbol of the gay-pride movement, red tank tops with rainbow-colored Mickey Mouse heads along with other rainbow items usually found in the parks year-round, such as rainbow pins and antenna toppers.

Remember, Disney is a children’s park.

Disney’s subsidiary, A&E, is opposed to Phil Robertson’s message, which he gave, not on the show, but on his own time in an interview, and which he gives through his preaching in his church, but Disney has no trouble sponsoring what has become an embarrassing Week at Disney.

About 150,000 LGBTs go to Orlando for a week of festivities and expos, and another 20,000 to 30,000 go to the theme park on the final day. Some go with their children, some go to recover some of their lost innocence as a group that has been prejudiced against, but others go to make a spectacle of themselves and their fellow LGBTs.

They come to the park dressed in red which is fine, but many wear T-Shirts promoting homosexuality.

dressed in red

Gays dressed in red. Disney sells shirts that aren’t red for unsuspecting tourists who don’t want to be affiliated with the groups.

Drag Queens, he-women, she-men, sexed-up homosexuals who feel the need to continually display excessive affection publicly, gays with T-Shirts promoting their homosexuality, and men in tiny shorts parade around in front of the many little children whose parents paid a lot of money to tour the park and who might not want their 5-year old exposed to half-naked men making out in every corner of the park. The hotel lobbies, according to one gay columnist, are filled with ads for lubricants and drug-sniffing dogs. Most of this paragraph came from a gay columnist but I don’t want to use his name.

Gay Days Expo

Gay Days Expo via Moonbatery

Of course, this isn’t every LGBT who attends but it’s enough of them and you are not allowed to criticize. Just accept!

Oh, the hypocrisy!

They feel they have to flaunt this behavior in the faces of heterosexuals and children and then say don’t you dare say LGBTs have a ‘lifestyle’, you bigot. Why would heterosexuals get any other message from this?

Then there are the drugs and alcohol that they seem so proud of. Every gay knows that for great sex and drugs, you need to go to Disney for Gay Week, according to the same gay columnist I referred to.

Those of us who are not gay, do not have to like or embrace drug and alcohol crazed sexual exhibitionism.

There are anti-discrimination laws but can’t they behave in a way that commands respect? I don’t want to see anyone making out in a children’s park, gay or not.

Of course LGBTs should be treated with respect like everyone else, but they need to earn it like everyone else.

This year Gay Week is June 3 through June 9.

Some religious organizations fly planes overhead to warn patrons.


Photo via newsier of a past Gay Week

In no way am I against gays but I am against bully tactics and the shutting down of the free speech of dissenters.

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