You Can’t Have Your DNA Unless the FDA Says So


If you had any doubt that the government plans to control everything in your personal life, doubt no longer. The government now has their hands all over your DNA.

The FDA says you can’t have your own DNA information unless they approve because you might mishandle the information about yourself.

The same FDA that is going to ship Chinese chickens to the US for our consumption is afraid we can’t handle the knowledge our own DNA might bring.


23andMe test kit 

A google-backed company, 23andMe, which has been providing DNA services since 2006 has been ordered to cease and desist by the FDA. The FDA sent a letter to the company’s owner claiming that they are using medical devices (a Q-tip?) to diagnose diseases or conditions.

They expressed their concern that if people find out they are susceptible to a certain disease, they might not be able to handle it properly. They believe we all need the government to decide what we are capable of handling. The government is afraid we will ‘self-manage’ our own healthcare.

With Obamacare, that might be the best route for some of us.

Anyone who has dealt with the government bureaucracy can read their letter and know that the requirements the government will put in the company’s way will be impossible to meet.

What would any government letter be without a threat? This one has the customary warning of impending doom. Should the company not meet the government’s impossible demands, they say they will take action not limited to, seizure, injunction, and civil money penalties.

For $99, the company sends you a kit with a test tube for your saliva, you send it back, and then send you basic DNA information, including where your ancestors came from and DNA markers for over 240 different hereditary diseases and conditions, good and bad.

The FDA doesn’t feel you should be allowed to have your DNA information unless it goes through the FDA.

They told the company they haven’t proved the validity of their product. Huh?

The 23andMe website advertises their services: find out if your children are candidates for certain diseases; find out if you have health risks; document your family history; explore your genetic traits; learn about the latest scientific advances. Is this now dangerous? Do we really need the FDA involved?

FDA, Go Away!

Full story at the Daily Beast


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