You Colorado Students Don’t Need a Gun If You’ve Got a Friend


my buddy

Okay, so now I have scissors, pens, whistles and I feel pretty safe. Why would I need a gun when I have frightening weapons like these?

There are also those “safe zones.” What person in his/her right mind would hurt someone in a safe zone? No criminal would do that.

So many creative ideas are coming from the anti-gun folks about how we can replace guns for self-defense. The latest comes from yet another Colorado legislator. I bet you never thought of this!

He wants women who fear being raped to get a friend and use the buddy system! He also suggested they get pepper spray and learn judo. Fabulous!

Colorado is coming up with the greatest ideas right now because they are holding debates in their legislature on the issue of eliminating concealed carry on college campuses.

Female students are particularly vulnerable so I would have to say this is a war on women. Democrats are trying to kill women.

The statistics are no joke however. One in 4 college-aged women report experiences that meet the legal definitions of rape or attempted rape. One in five college women have been raped.

I can envision how all these brilliant ideas will work:


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