You Need to Hear What Diamond And Silk Are Saying Now


Diamond And Silk are free speech heroes as an article in The Hill indicates. Black leaders and social justice activists have not supported their right to free speech. But they are courageously leading the charge for free speech despite that.

The social media superstars came to fame as supporters of Donald Trump. They are down-to-earth and funny ladies from North Carolina.

Despite their innocent traditional views, they were deemed “unsafe” by Facebook and Facebook characterized the censorship of their page as irreversible. The duo followed this up with an appearance on Fox & Friends. That prompted Facebook to issue a statement about being in communication with them. That appears to be a lie.

When Facebook CEO and Chairman Mark Zuckerberg testified before the Senate and then the House, the ladies’ names came up a number of times. Rep. Billy Long questioned Zuck while he looked at a very large photo of Diamond And Silk, the two sisters, whose real names are Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson.

They are bringing political censorship to the forefront. As it stands, you can legally discriminate against people politically. Also, private organizations don’t have to abide by the First Amendment. But is that ethical when all means of communication are owned by the left and hard-left?

Conservatives are also demonized freely on Facebook but Mr. Zuckerberg doesn’t think there is a problem on his platform.

Diamond And Silk have 1.3 million followers and look at the reach they now have — 6 people. That is after Zuck said they don’t discriminate. He said he weeds out those who discriminate. If so, why does their reach extend to only 6 people?

Facebook lied. They have not communicated with Diamond And Silk in any serious manner:

If you are being censored, contact Diamond And Silk:

Check out the censorship on our Facebook page and on the Independent Sentinel website

This is my graph of viewership and it’s all because of Facebook shutting us down:

This is the type of comment we get to the Facebook page ‘Capitalism’ with over 850,000 likes (if you pressed ‘like’ on Capitalism, you also have to go into ‘settings’ and select putting us in your feed):

We are being haunted by trolls who report us by the thousands if we make a mistake or if they even think we made a mistake:

This article has little reach when it would normally have a reach of thousands: It had a reach of 84 after three minutes and after 13 minutes, it’s stil at 84.

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